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I am so excited to be starting this journey of a new blog, a new space to call my own; a place I can write about all that inspires me and things that I hope will inspire you, too.

A little bit about me…  I am an interior designer and I am very much in love with this industry.  It is so much fun to design spaces that work with and for clients, and it is an evolving process that is really rewarding, and also very important!  I am married to a wonderful husband and am surrounded by the most amazing family.  We have one child who happens to be furry, and his name is Kuma.  He is sure to make some appearances on this blog (that’s him in the photo above)!  We currently live at my in-laws’ house — we are saving for a home of our own and my husband’s parents were so generous and opened their home to us until we are ready.  That being said, any photos you see of my space is really, truly, their beautiful home; however the decor is to-die-for so I can’t help but share — espcially the holiday decor!  🙂

We’re embarking on the most wonderful time of the year… in fact, I think we are already in the midst of it!  With Fall upon us and Winter fast approaching, there is going to be plenty of Fall nesting to do around here.  I hope you enjoy your time at Details, and be sure to let me know of any topics you would like to see.  You can always e-mail me — I would love to hear from you.

Finally, I’m so glad that you’re here.  We’re going to have fun.

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