Weekend Citrus Pickin’

This past weekend, Grey and I took a little drive East to The Farm at Agritopia for some citrus-pickin’.  It was our first time there, though we have had several awesome meals at Joe’s Farm Grill (right next door).  I actually follow The Farm on Twitter and happened to see a Tweet from them a few days prior about the U-Pick Event they had going on.  So happy that I did!

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.47.37 PM

This is one of the coolest yet simplest things I have ever done in our Valley of the Sun. Upon entering a small, unassuming gate, we were greeted by what looked like farmers themselves.  We paid $10 for two 5 pound bags that we could fill up with whatever combination of citrus we wanted.  The two guys gave us a map of the farm so that we would know what we were picking.  And then it was off into the maze of trees!

The ground you see above is covered just like that, all around.  Definite tennis-shoe or boot-wearin’ terrain.  There were different types of oranges (we picked Blood and Arizona Sweet), grapefruits (Ruby Blush — favorite!), and lemons, oh the lemons — amazing.  I have been drinking mug after mug of hot water with a wedge of these ultra-juicy and slightly sweet lemons squeezed in…heaven.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.48.22 PM

After we filled up our bags, we popped over to see the ducks and the chickens, who were grazing and sun-bathing.  Then it was off to The Coffee Shop, which is literally a one minute walk away, where we had the best lattes in the history of lattes.

Great for families, and great for a date!  I kept thinking that this would be the perfect first date idea — teamwork required for following the map, picking items to share, and then lunch or coffee is on-site.

Here’s some more information, for your convenience:

The Farm at Agritopia

Joe’s Farm Grill

The Coffee Shop

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