Pantone Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

I know I’m not the only one who gets really excited each year when Pantone announces their Color of the Year.  A color that we see in interior design, graphic design, fashion, etc. — it’s a fun prediction for what’s to come.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 5.43.26 PM


Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 5.44.34 PM

Lucia Litman

A color that has been designed for freshness, neutrality, revitalization… I can get behind that.  After a year that was so difficult for so many of us and then a brutal election season, I say bring on the reinvigoration!

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 5.45.27 PM

Meg Braff Designs

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 5.46.47 PM

Ashley Whittaker Design

It really is a great hue of green, isn’t it?  It’s incredibly lively, even in this room with a more muted palette.  That sofa makes it!

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 5.47.55 PM


Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 5.48.45 PM


This color clearly works beautifully with a variety of neutrals — colors, patterns, etc.  I’m loving seeing this color on so many upholstered and stationary pieces, too.  It’s a bold move but this color is so fresh that I can’t see it going anywhere for a while.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 5.49.37 PM


Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 5.50.24 PM

Mi Casa

I love how versatile this color is, and how it can be applied in any type of interior aesthetic.  Ultra-modern, cottage chic, right down to this beautiful kitchen with a Southwestern flair.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 5.52.10 PM

Humbert & Poyet

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 5.53.09 PM

One Kings Lane

A color that is truly found in nature.  Sort of makes me excited for Spring…  🙂

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 5.54.09 PM

Country Living

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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