Balancing Curves & Lines

A couple of weeks ago when we took our trip to Ikea, we came home with a new chair and I moved some of our furniture around to accommodate the space for that.  A week after that, I spotted the perfect side table at HomeGoods, and it came home with me to make our little nest seating area in the living room complete.

When I got home with the table and put it where I thought it was going to go — next to the new chair — it was all wrong.

Living Room Drapes 1

This is the space before I brought the side table in.  The new table is a square, and next to that sort of boxy-shaped chair, with the right-angled entertainment center, and all of the other sharp angles in this vignette, it just didn’t look right.  This got me thinking that a post might be in order about balancing curves and lines…and there really is no formula for this.  You just want to have some of each.


This is that same corner now.  The curvy ghost chair works better with that side table than the other lucite chair did, and then I moved the bench to the other side of the entertainment center to add even just another element of curve to this area.  The basket is a round shape, but the pillows inside are squares.  This corner has a healthy balance of curves and lines.



This corner is more balanced now, too.  The chair back and seat are square in nature, but they do have some fluidity to their shape.  The bench is now behind the chair, but that side table gives a good dose of curvature.


Take a look around this vignette and spot the curves and lines.  There’s some of both — and that’s what makes a room look put together and allows it to flow.  This is where I very strongly recommend not selecting a furniture set with matching chairs and sofa, entertainment center, side tables, etc. — you lose all of your control that way to choose things that work better together.  Plus it’s more fun to find things piece by piece and create a more collected-over-time look, right?

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