Our Bedroom Design

If there’s one room that is the most undecorated of all in our house, it’s our bedroom…and that’s just not right!  I actually think it’s kind of funny because when we bought our house, I swore up and down that the bedroom would be the first room we would work on, but…yeah.  That didn’t happen.  We’re ready to get moving on this project, taking our time, but alert the media!— We ordered our bed and side tables last week!  That was a pretty exciting day.

So let’s talk about color palette first.  I am basically undecided at this point.  I know that I want to continue the neutral palette of our house in our bedroom — it has been super easy to switch things around in our living room and I want the same for this space.  If I want a new look, I want it to be as simple as buying/making some new pillows, you know?  I am kind of perpetually moving things around and nesting, puttering, etc.  My husband knows that when he leaves for work in the morning, there is a very strong possibility that when he gets home, multiple things will be different around the house, lol.  My point is that I want flexibility.

Color Palette 1


Color Palette 2

Restoration Hardware

Color Palette 3

Design Seeds

So you kind of see where I’m going here… I’m not opposed to color, but I want those colors to be muted with white undertones, almost like pastels.  It’s important to me that this room is really relaxing and not “pop-y” — at least for now.  And that’s the beauty of the way we’re doing this — if in a year I change my mind, I can just switch out the accessories.


This is the view when you walk into the room.  Yes, we’ve been sleeping on a mattress for four months, lol.  Making the bed every day helped it to feel more like a bedroom.  A little bit…  😉

Our Bed

Side Tables

This is the bed we bought and we will each have a set of these nesting lucite tables next to the sides of the bed.  I’m really excited about these — I’m all about negative space and these will allow us to have a lot of things on each side of the bed without having the visual bulk of a solid nightstand.

Side Tables Styled

The Everygirl

This is a bit more styled than I will probably have our tables, but you get the idea.

Window Treatments

Southern Living

This is how we will dress our two windows on either side of the bed, much like we did in our living room.  I’m thinking we’ll keep the drapes cream but I may add some kind of banding to them eventually — wouldn’t a light-colored Greek key be so pretty?


Sam Allen Interiors

Above our bed I’m thinking we’ll do three sunburst mirrors like this.  I’ve had a picture of something like this on my inspiration board in our office for a couple of months.  I’m thinking HomeGoods will be a good resource for this — I’ve checked some of the catalogs I get and $$$$$.


Honestly, I don’t love the mirrored closet doors, but the room is small and the doors do wonders for making the room feel larger than it actually is.  The closet is surprisingly big for a reach-in and spans the entire length of the wall, even though Grey and I have to use separate closets lol.  #girlproblems  On the left side there is a small area that could accommodate a chair.  I would love a place to put my shoes on and I’m thinking something sort of traditional, like a French-inspired piece.


The Cross Decor & Design


This wall has given me pause because it is so big but there really won’t be space to have anything sticking out, like an etagere, etc.  My in-laws were over at our house on Sunday and I asked my mom-in-law about what she thought — she has an incredible eye for design.  She mentioned that Ikea has inexpensive frames — white ones! — with matting, and presented the idea of framing coordinating wrapping paper pieces in those frames, which I think is perfect.  They’ll be easy to change out, will take up a lot of space, and it won’t be expensive.


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

We’ll do a grouping of probably eight large frames — four on top, four on the bottom.  I’ll probably pick out two different papers to coordinate, possibly three.


This corner will get a little update, too.  That framed print is something my Gramma always told me was going to be mine when I was little, and for a special reason.  I want to get a better frame for it, and change out the hardware on the dresser, which is something my dad built for me before I was born.  I’m thinking something like this:

Lucite Pulls

A bunch of decisions at this point are sort of riding on two questions — What exact color will the bed be?  and What color are the nailheads?  Everything looks different in pictures, you know?  This is a project we’ll be working on and I’m excited to have another room to start decorating!

Thanks so much for following along.  🙂

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