Breakin’ Out the Summer Decor

Happy Monday, friends!  Things have been great, but busy!  We are in preparation mode for two vacations that we will be taking in the next few weeks, work has kept me busy, and the house stuff has kind of taken a backseat while I get outfits together, etc. for our trips.  🙂  I broke out the Summer decor a few weeks ago and I have been really loving the abundance of seashells in our home!

When we lived in our apartments (before we moved in with Grey’s parents in order to save up for our house) I never really decorated for Summer.  But once we started living with my in-laws, I remember being blown away by how pretty my mom-in-law’s Summer decorations were…and she always used really simple ‘ingredients.’  Basically all you need are pretty vessels (whatever is special to you), sand, and seashells — and those are super inexpensive at any craft store.  You can see some of the Summer decor from my time at that house here, here, here, and here.

I was so excited to break out our Summer stuff and since it started to get so hot in May, I figured I would just go for it!  I’ll be sharing little bits of it over this week.  I also have the pieces and parts to make a wreath but I just haven’t had the time to work on it yet.  Soon!  🙂

Side Table Vignette

Pardon the ice cubes in the bowl…I was watering my plants, lol.

Side Table Vignette 2

Isn’t that little silver dish pretty?  I found it during my last trip to Sweet Salvage.  It had to come home with me, and I pictured using it just for this purpose.  🙂  I love when that happens.  I just poured a little bit of sand in the bottom of the dish and then started arranging the shells.  There’s really no rhyme or reason to it, I just place, adjust, and keep doing that until it feels right.

Coffee Table

Our coffee table has some Summery things on it that I am loving now — including a giant white seashell bowl that I am keeping our remotes in (instead of the silver one that we typically use).

Napkins and Jar

This little glass jar was another find from my last trip to Sweet Salvage.  I got lucky that day!  😉  I love how the base of it is hollow so the sand can go all the way to the bottom.  I can’t wait to use this for more holidays — I felt like this was such a great find.  Can’t you just see it with a nest and a bird for Spring?!  The blue and white bowl is new and is a family antique that was sent to us by our Aunt Lulu — she knew I had a blue and white theme going on!  And you know how I have been loving festive cocktail napkins for drinks.  I thought these were really pretty and couldn’t pass them up at HomeGoods.

Have a great day!  And as it is Memorial Day, let’s all just take the day to focus on our gratefulness to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can be safe and free.

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