How Far We’ve Come

I love before and after pictures, don’t you?  Although, at least for me, a space is never “done,” it just evolves and keeps evolving.  But I was looking through some old photos the other day and I stumbled upon some from our first week in our house.  It’s slightly empty, but I love the way even those old photos look.  We’ve only been here about seven months but we have loved on our house and we’ve made it ours.  It’s the greatest gift!

Before 1

Before 2

These are our ‘befores‘ — complete with paint on the back wall in the picture above where we covered up a doggy door.

Before 3

Before 4

Still so cozy.  We didn’t have a lot but what we did have, we loved.

Living Room Tall

Living Room Wide

Blue and White Vignette

Living Room Pillows

Before 5

Even this little vignette has a fresh update…

Coffee Table Treasures 2

Coffee Station

Pipe Station


And then there’s our bedroom…




So fun to take a look back!  🙂  This has been such a fun process and I’m just lucky that I have a husband who lets me make the design decisions — he lets me have all the fun!  😉

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