English Rose Tea Room

Good morning, friends!  We are back from an awesome trip to Telluride and ready to tackle the week.  I’ll have pictures from the trip to show you later this week, but for today I thought I’d share some photos I took on my birthday.  Every year, Greyson takes me to a place called the English Rose Tea Room for a little tea party.  😉  He’s obviously very kind and thoughtful to do this considering this is honestly the frilliest place I could possibly choose to go.

The owner of the tea room is from England and so I love how authentic the experience must be.  We always get the Cream Tea, so each of us get our own pot of tea that we select and then two scones, delicious jam, and Devon cream — like incredibly thick whipped cream, the consistency of butter.



Each place setting at the tables has mismatched teacups, bowls of sugar, delicate spoons, and glass tabletops with sheet music, post cards, fabric, and photographs displayed inside

Teacup With Napkin

The walls are covered with all sorts of girly things.  Faux greenery, beads, crystals, birds, mirrors…


Tea Cabinet

At the front of the tea room, away from the dining room, there is a little shop with many fun trinkets and, of course, tea.

Table Display


I love going here each year and it’s something that we save special for my birthday.  We definitely could go more than once a year, but I love that this is our little tradition.



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