Summer Wreath-Making

My brother’s girlfriend is awesome.  Let’s just start with that.  We got together for a little wreath-making party a few weeks ago to make some Summer cuteness for our doors.  They both turned out very different, but they’re both summery in their own way.  😉

Julia was inspired by the floral department of the craft store.  She has an awesome table that acts as a potting bench outside her front door with tons of beautiful succulents, and she wanted something that would really complement that.

Julia's Wreath - Beginning

Julia's Wreath - Beginning 2

I’ve talked before about my love affair with grapevine wreaths and how they make such a pretty statement for each season.  And the great thing is, if you’re using faux flowers, you can just cut them from the larger stems, place them where you want, and when the season is over, you can take them out and re-use the wreath form.

Julia Action - 1

Julia Action 2

You need pretty decent wire cutters in order to make this easy on your hands.  Typically regular old scissors don’t cut these blooms.  Then just get to placing!

Julia's Wreath - Progress

Julia is an incredible artist.  I love how her wreath looks like something from a floral designer.  It was really fun watching her be creative with the placement of the stems and flowers.  And that faux succulent stem was a really awesome find.

Julia's Wreath - Finished on Table

Julia’s finished wreath… Gorgeous, huh?

My Wreath - Beginning

Back in one of our old apartments, I made a wreath really similar to this.  I just used a hot glue gun to glue on the shells that I wanted.  The starfish add a little bit of interest that I love.

My Wreath - Progress

I burnt myself at least twice while doing this.  The little clamshell-type ones were so hard to get on there without getting glue all over my fingers.  And just a quick tip — If you have larger items that you are placing on the wreath (like the starfish), place those where you want them first and then nestle in everything else around it.

My Wreath - Finished on Table

My Wreath - Detail

This wreath feels like Summer to me.  I love driving up to our house and seeing it on our door.  …Gives me the warm and fuzzies.  🙂

My Wreath - On Door

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