Telluride 2017

Good morning — happy Tuesday!  It’s been a while.  🙂  I have been doing a bit of July traveling and my pace has slowed down, which has been so nice.  We went to Telluride, Colorado with my family and Lake Tahoe with Grey’s family, so I thought I’d do a couple of recap posts.

I hadn’t been to Telluride in almost ten years, but this is a place where I spent some time each Summer as a teenager.  My parents invited Grey and I, and my brother and Julia to crash their vacation and enjoy time there with them.  🙂


Backdrop 2

If you’ve never been, Telluride is an adorable mountain town with the most incredible backdrop — it looks fake!  We always stay at Mountain Lodge, which is just about a twenty minute gondola ride from the town.  Once we parked our cars at the hotel, we didn’t drive again until the day we left.  The gondola station is just a short walk from the hotel, and that will take you straight into the town.


These are the pretty condos at Mountain Lodge.  We stayed in one equipped with a kitchen, which made breakfasts easy.  Typically we would eat breakfast at the hotel, and then head down into town for the day, having a linner before heading back up.




There are several great park-type places to sit in the grass and relax, and plenty of beautiful Aspen trees.  They look like the leaves are waving to you when the wind blows.  🙂

Restaurant Ceiling

Of course there are a multitude of awesome restaurants.  The only place that we went to that I would not recommend is Steamies — they serve burgers, but you can find a better burger anywhere else!




And of course the shopping — there are so many cute shops that all seem to specialize in different things.  Even pop into the drugstores — they all carry their own array of handmade soaps, lip balms, lotions, etc.  And fun snacks, too.  Be sure to go to Gardenstore if you like to sip on wine while you shop.

I had some pretty severe altitude sickness while I was there, which was the only unfortunate part.  Since the elevation is at 10,000 feet, drink tons of water, and if you need oxygen, stop into Atmosphere Spa.

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