Weekend Puttering

This past weekend I decided to take care of disposing of and replacing my dead plants around the house.  😉  I love the way that fresh flowers and plants make a space feel.  They’re good for the air, they’re good for your soul, and they’re good when you’re feeling like you are in a rut or just wanting your space freshened up.

I love buying orchids and flowers from Trader Joe’s.  They have the best prices and their blooms last a long time.  For succulents, I’m all about Home Depot.  I’ve had good luck keeping ones from there alive for a good long while and they are incredibly inexpensive.

Hydrangeas 1

I usually have an orchid on this table but I switched this pot and my orchid and I love the change.  That’s what puttering dreams are made of.  😉

Hydrangeas 2

Hydrangeas 3

The hydrangeas look so beautiful and lush in this blue and white planter, and they speak Summer to me every time I look at them.  Soaking up the last weeks of Summer before I can officially call it the beginning of Fall — September!

Coffee Table Vignette

I got this super healthy new succulent and potted it in my vintage silver in place of the grape-looking plant I had in it before.  It’s a fun change.

Coffee Table Vignette 2

Remember, this tray is a simple DIY project!

Coffee Table Vignette 3

One of my favorite views.  🙂

Orchid Vignette

This is the spot where my orchid lives now — it adds the perfect height and drama.  It’s such a beautiful plant and I had to move around all the orchids at TJ’s to get to this one, but you do what you gotta do.  😉

Orchid Vignette 2

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