Cafe Curtains

Happy Friday, friends!  It’s been a busy week for me and I’m looking toward another busy weekend.  Summer is wrapping up and I really cannot wait to bust out my Fall decor.  😉  Someone is going to have to contain me until mid-September.

So…let’s talk about cafe curtains (aka short-tier curtains).  Throughout most of my time as an interior designer, I have kind of been against these window treatments.  They always seemed really dowdy to me and lacking in personality.  I was big on the folded roman shade and tailored long drapes, but not so much the cafe curtain.  Until I started noticing that I was seeing all sorts of interiors with cafe curtains that I was just a little bit obsessing over.  And then came the idea for this post… a collection of interiors with cafe curtains that are decidedly perfect.

If you’re looking to maintain privacy while not losing out on natural light, cafe curtains are a great option.  They can also be customized per your style — so if natural and breezy is your thing, or pleated and tailored is your jam, they can be made to suit your interior.  As far as fabrics go, I’m partial to a white or off-white variation, but obviously colors work and don’t forget the option of trimming the leading edge.


Architectural Digest


Heidi Piron


At Home In Arkansas


Home Bunch


Sarah Bartholomew


Collins Interiors


Mark Hampton




Kara Mann


Home Bunch


Sarah Bartholomew


Brooke Chamblee Interiors


Original Source Unknown


Country Living

Master Bath via South Shore Decorating Blog

Original Source Unknown

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