Garage Organization Inspiration

This coming weekend I have a hot date with my husband and our garage.  Doesn’t that sound romantic?  😉  Our garage is not too messy at this point — we haven’t even been in this house for a year yet — but it is feeling disorganized.  And just like my quest to get the inside under control before the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, I want this work to extend to the garage.

A lot of our bins aren’t labeled, we have things we could part with, we do have shelves but they are kind of jumbled with things right now, and our floor is epoxy and could use a good hose-down.  These are the things homeownership dreams are made of!  Lol.  But seriously… I’m just glad we have a garage.

I thought I’d corral some fun garage organization inspiration to get me in the mood.  It’s kind of one of those things you have to be in the mood for, you know?  Plus it is going to be HOT so we’ll need to get out there early.  I’m tellin’ ya — romance.


Home Depot

We are very curious about these track systems.  Have you used one before?  We like the idea because they seem to be customizable depending on what you want to store.



I like this idea of storing canvas bags and paper bags on the side of a rack.  This is something we could implement easily!


Harvard Homemaker

I also love this idea for canvas bags — we could just make one of these hook systems and we’d be set.


Just a Girl

This just looks so pretty.  I love the mix of wicker baskets and plastic/metal bins.  I can think of a TON of stuff I could store in here.  Looks like we need another shelving unit.  😉


I Heart Organizing

This is really fun, too.  We wouldn’t need these bins and baskets for toy storage at this point but we could definitely figure out other uses for these storage solutions.  I’m sure that a lot of these types of containers can be found at the Dollar Store, too — one of my favorite places to shop for plastic baskets.


A Thoughtful Place

Draping our shelving units with inexpensive curtains could be a good way to keep the dust at bay.  Something I definitely haven’t thought of before but makes a lot of sense!


The Home Edit

And finally… This is what our garage day will mostly consist of — getting labels on things!  I have several un-labeled bins in there and this little project is the highest on my to-do list.

What is your favorite garage organizing hack?

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