Fall Color Stories

I see color palettes everywhere…  It’s one of the ways that I feel most vibrant and alive, to notice colors and patterns wherever I go.  Fall colors, to me, are warm and cozy, with mustard-y yellows and sweet potato oranges.  I best equate colors with food.  😉  Broadening your color vocabulary is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself — it opens up your imagination in the best possible way.

Next week we’ll be in September… the beginning of the ‘-ber’ months.  I’m so looking forward to this season of nesting in our home.  Last year we were blessed to be in before Christmas but that left us rushing around and our house definitely feels more like ‘home’ this year.  Here’s to the beginning of Fall!  I promise I will ease into it here on the blog for those of you still enjoying the last bits of Summer.


My Attic


Design Seeds


Eclectic Trends


Design Seeds


Eclectic Trends


Kiel James Patrick


Eclectic Trends


Original Source Unknown


Eclectic Trends


Original Source Unknown

What color always makes it into your Fall color story?

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