Our 2017 Fall Decor

Hey, guys!  I hope you’re having a great week so far!  This is a busy one for me work-wise so I’m writing to you late tonight.  😉

How was your Thanksgiving?  We spent the whole long weekend with our families and we put up our Christmas decor together, which was so much fun.  It took a full 12 hours but it was worth it — as Grey puts it, our house looks like a Winter Wonderland – ha!

I realized I never shared my Fall decor, so this post has some photos that I snapped.  Also, when we had a late Thanksgiving celebration at my parents’ house on Sunday I created a fun tablescape so I still have that to share, too.  All kinds of Fall stuff, even though a lot of us are already well on our way to Christmas…

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

I was inspired by a floral arrangement during our stay at The Inn at 410 so that is kind of what I modeled mine after.  This was not easy!  I am kind of a perfectionist and if I’m being honest, I didn’t *love* how this turned out, but at some point I just had to look at it and say, “That’ll do, pig.”  (From Babe, duh).

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

My velvet pumpkins were HomeGoods scores and are pretty heavy and substantial.  They must be filled with beans or rice or something!

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

I purchased a couple of these plush pumpkins and they were from the Target Dollar Spot.  I just stuffed this one into the apothecary jar and sprinkled some pumpkin vase filler around like confetti.  😉

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

This display I loved to look at and loved to create.  The pinecones are all from our trip to Tahoe over the summer and they.are.huge!  I baked them to help them let go of some of the extra sap they were holding onto and my house smelled amazing that night.  The tray that this is sitting on top of is one of my Gramma’s beautiful silver pieces that I have inherited.  I was so excited to use it for this vignette.

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

On our kitchen table, I layered a bunch!  One of my Gramma’s silver trays on the bottom, an oval grapevine wreath, and then a soup server that I snagged from the giveaway pile at my in-laws’ house.  I had this in mind as soon as I saw it so I had to have it!

Our 2017 Fall Decor {Details Blog}

Of course I have to show you one of our contributions for Thanksgiving dinner — this amazing pie that is a bit of a labor of love, but ridiculously worth it.  Grey made most of it — I just directed him.  So worth the time it takes to make it — and worth the calories!  😉

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