Little Updates — Happy New Year!

Hey guys, Happy New Year!  And long time no see.  😉

As it is for everyone, the holiday season was crazy for us.  I wish I would have had time to post about our Christmas decor, let alone take photos of it!  It was really pretty.  But alas, I was too busy enjoying the season and way too busy with work to worry about it.  Next year.  😉

The end of the year had me working so hard with the owner of the design firm that I work for on finishing a GIANT project that we are super proud of.  Essentially it is a very large house that we furnished entirely.  Next we are working on all of the accessories, so that should be exciting.  Then, unfortunately, two days before Christmas our sweet pup Kuma was attacked by a dog in our front yard and we spent the next ten days watching him really carefully while he healed.  Poor little guy — it was super traumatic for us all.  Kind of a crappy end to the Christmas season as we weren’t able to be fully present — too worried!  I was happy to take down the decorations, which we did on the 1st.  It felt good — cleansing.


Everything feels super fresh in our house right now and I’m looking forward to hunkering down, not spending any money on decor or anything for a while, organizing, cleaning, etc.  We got some new lighting for the house for Christmas, though!  Greyson was very busy around the house for a few days.  😉  Seen here is our new ceiling fan.  It’s really powerful, completely noiseless, and has an LED light kit that it runs off of that does not provide icky cold light.  I was really worried about it when I saw that it was going to be LED but the light is great.  It runs off of a remote, too — love that — no dumb chain!


See our new flush-mount light in the entry, too?  I was SO excited to get rid of the dreaded boob light that we have had there for the past year.


This little light is so pretty at night — the light is warm and inviting.  I opted for the round bulbs rather than the candelabra bulbs for a more modern look.


I love this room.  I do have some ideas up my sleeve of how to kind of refresh it, which I will share in the coming weeks.  It won’t start happening for some time, though.  We’re taking the next few months to not spend at all and save our money — we do have some trips coming up this Summer, after all!  😉  But essentially I have access to a bunch of trade furniture sites and I want to replace some things in our rooms with a bit nicer quality furnishings.  Really just the accent pieces.  All in good time.


This was the first time I got to style this table for everyday use since we purchased it last Summer.  We decked it out for Fall right away last year!



I was ready to simplify our coffee table for now, so this little arrangement came to live here.  I did switch out the lucite tray for one of my Gramma’s beautiful silver trays that I inherited.  And I got another fancy Diptyque candle for Christmas — smells so good!


One thing that I do make sure and budget for in the ‘Spring’ months (I know we’re kind of pre-Spring right now), is fresh flowers.  Tulips are my favorite — this bunch was callin’ my name!


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