Hallway Jewelry

Hey there, friends!  Here’s hoping your week is off to a great start.  🙂

In our quest to get rid of all of the boob lights in our house, we had to keep the momentum goin’ in the hallway.  For Christmas, we received two lanterns that I had selected for this space, and I am so excited about they way that they look!

Hallway Jewelry {Details Blog}

It’s little updates like these that just make my heart sing.  These were not super expensive and they give off such pretty light.  The bulbs are Edison-style and I’m thrilled with them.  These were the trickiest of our new lights to hang but after Greyson did one, the second one was up in about forty minutes or so.

Hallway Jewelry {Details Blog}

I love knowing that someday someone is going to buy our house and they are going to have all new stylish lights inside!  And at the same time I am so happy that when we moved in, all of our lighting was builder grade so I have updated everything based on our own tastes.  So far we have donated all of the old lighting/ceiling fan.  We still have two more ceiling fans to update at some point and I may just put in the same one that we have in our living room because I love it so much.  🙂

Hallway Jewelry {Details Blog}

The morning that I took these photos, I had to take advantage of the gorgeous light that was streaming in through our windows and take some pictures of this sweet boy.  This is his lil perch that he loves by the door leading to the backyard — he is either outside or inside sunbathing at all times during the week.  😉

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