Pretty Little Front Door

Hey there, friends!  How’s your Wednesday going?

I mentioned yesterday that I purchased a little something new for our front door, and today’s the day I’m going to show you!

Pretty Little Front Door {Details Blog}

After wanting a faux boxwood wreath for over a year, I finally have one!  And I’m so excited about it.  🙂

Pretty Little Front Door {Details Blog}

I purchased mine from Amazon after having a really hard time finding what I was looking for in stores.  Everything either looked way too cheap or was out of my price range.  I had a $25 Amazon gift card to use and so I applied it to this wreath, which was out of my price range, too, but with the gift card I could swing it.

Pretty Little Front Door {Details Blog}

The quality is really amazing…  This is a wreath we will have for years to come so that justified the price for me.  The greenery on it is super lush and dense.  There is a grapevine base on the back but it is not visible from the front or even the sides of the wreath — it’s that hairy!  😉  It arrived in a really nice white box with a flip-top lid and I’ll use that to store it during the months it isn’t on our door.

Pretty Little Front Door {Details Blog}

The wreath looks so cute with the gardenias that we planted a few weeks ago.  This sweet little plant hasn’t bloomed yet but there are finally buds on it that have appeared and I’m so excited.  I’ve been trying to take really good care of it and it’s so fun to see that I’m keeping it healthy.  If you like the planter, you can find that here.

But as for the wreath…  I’m planning on using it for Spring and Summer.  Last Summer my mom-in-law had a boxwood wreath that she used throughout the Spring and Summer months and I love what she did for the Summer season…

Pretty Little Front Door {Details Blog}

I’m planning on doing something similar with mine.  She just wired those lil starfish in!  Brilliant.  🙂

Pretty Little Front Door {Details Blog}

Pottery Barn

In a couple of weeks when we really get into Spring, I am going to make a little nest arrangement like the one on this Pottery Barn wreath and add it to my wreath.  I’ll keep ya posted!

Do you guys typically make or buy a wreath for Spring?  I’m loving that this one is going to pull double-duty for me!

Have a great rest of your day!

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