Just A Little Flower Tip…

Hey, friends.  How’s your week going so far?  It appears that I have come down with some kind of bug!  I’m hoping it doesn’t last long.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I wanted to share a little tip for “flower arranging” — and I use that term loosely because I am no expert arranger.  😉 (You all can go follow my amazing cousin, Haleigh, for that!).  But there’s a tried and true vessel that I use for my weekly Trader Joe’s blooms that I wanted to share.

Just A Little Flower Tip... {Details Blog}

Meet the new and improved vase — the apothecary jar!

Just A Little Flower Tip... {Details Blog}

You can find these pretty much anywhere.  I purchased the one on the left at HomeGoods a long time ago and the one on the right from a thrift store.  I just take the lids off and snip the flowers to my desired length, then plop ’em in.

Just A Little Flower Tip... {Details Blog}

I think these work so well because the vessels themselves usually have some height due to the decorative bases, and the neck typically is a little more constricting than the bulk of it so there’s room for the flowers to kind of set in and flute out naturally.  They are also really inexpensive.

Just A Little Flower Tip... {Details Blog}

As for keeping my flowers fresh, I change the water about mid-week, and add a hefty handful of ice cubes each morning when I’m going around the house picking up a bit.  I especially love tulips because they grow while they are in the water!  They’re so lively and vibrant — they make me so happy.  🙂

What are your tried and true flower tips / tricks?

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