Our New Blanket Ladder

Hey, friends!  I hope you’ve had a great morning so far.  Temps are starting to warm up here which means we’re really gettin’ into Spring.  I’m thinking I may need to plan some kind of Spring brunch or something before it gets too hot to be outside!  😉

My mom-in-law recently purchased a blanket ladder and upon seeing it I loved it so much!  I never thought I would have one in our home because the only ones that I had seen were really, really rustic and our house is not rustic at all.  I always appreciated the way they looked in farmhouse- or southwest-style spaces but could never picture one for us.  But then I saw my mom-in-law’s!  I went home that night and noticed that the wall that our TV is on would be the perfect spot for one of those ladders.

Our New Blanket Ladder {Details Blog}

I searched on Kirkland’s and this one came up — I loved it even online and was so excited because the wood looked like it would be perfect with the other wood tones in this room.  And they are!  It’s sort of a cool taupe-gray much like our entertainment center and storage cabinet.

Our New Blanket Ladder {Details Blog}

I downloaded the Kirkland’s app on my phone (thanks to the recommendation from my mom-in-law!) and every day they have a ‘Spin It to Win It’ coupon where you can get a coupon that is good for that day only.  Kinda fun!  The day I purchased the ladder I had a 20% off coupon to use.

Our New Blanket Ladder {Details Blog}

I also plopped our little plant in the corner in a basket from HomeGoods.  This basket used to hold Kuma’s toys but it was a little tall for him and I noticed he wasn’t grabbing anything other than his Lambchops toy, which was on top.  😉

Our New Blanket Ladder {Details Blog}

I’m still undecided as to whether or not this will be the plant’s ‘forever basket’ (knowing me — probably not, ha!) but for now it’s working out.  I saved the base so I can always put it back the way it was.  I was just a little tired of looking at how orange the wood had turned!  A simple fix would be staining it, and I’m sure someday I’ll do that.  But for now…

Our New Blanket Ladder {Details Blog}

Have a great rest of your day!

2 thoughts on “Our New Blanket Ladder

  1. I love the way this room has evolved over time… the mixture of texture and shine, organic and metal… it’s beautiful and full of personality!


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