A Small Front Porch Update

Hey, friends!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Ours was busy but a lot of fun.  Saturday we spent time with family and Sunday we did some work on the house.  I have lots to share — just need to make time to photograph!  Movin’ slow today, ha.

A little while ago, I shared our front porch and how that was shaping up.  We had just purchased a new wreath, and we potted a gardenia plant in the planter we received as a Christmas gift.  Our little space looked like this…

A Small Front Porch Update {Details Blog}

Almost immediately after posting this, I realized what this space was lacking that I felt it really needed.  Typical doormats are this size, but I wanted something larger that would fill up the space better.  So I went in search of something that was budget-friendly and also made the size statement that I wanted.

A Small Front Porch Update {Details Blog}

And I found it!  This one is from Target and is actually the “estate” size, which cracks me up because our house is teeny tiny.  😉

A Small Front Porch Update {Details Blog}

I love this rug.  So far we’ve had it for about two months and it has held up really well.  I’ll keep you posted.  The DIY wreath is still looking the same — I just took down the ‘Happy Easter’ sign.

A Small Front Porch Update {Details Blog}

We have a little carriage light by our front door and I’m really wanting something different and BIGGER!  The ones on the front of our house are pretty cute so I may just change this one to something different than the other two.  Ideally I would love them to all be the same, but we’ll see.

A Small Front Porch Update {Details Blog}

So far, no blooms on the gardenias but I’m keeping up with watering them.  With the change in temperature they got a little crispy for a day or two because their water needs increased and I wasn’t prepared.  They’re hangin’ in and I’m hoping they bloom soon!

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