Gettin’ Organized

Hey, friends — happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Ours was a good one, spent with family and a little bit of thrift shopping that ended with an awesome find.  More on that another time.  😉

Slowly but surely we’re getting organized around here.  I’ve mentioned here before that our house is itty bitty, so I am constantly trying to pack as much functionality as possible into our little space.  Grey and I were wandering around IKEA a few weeks ago and randomly we saw an awesome solution that we decided to use in not one, but two places in our house.  The area I’m showing off today is right by the door leading from our garage.

Gettin' Organized {Details Blog}

Just to orient you, this hallway leads straight back into our master bedroom and also looks out into the living space with the cut-out.  I’m so grateful we have that cut-out because it keeps the living room feeling more open.  Someday we’ll put some kind of artwork on the hallway wall and it’ll show up in the living room, too.

Gettin' Organized {Details Blog}

The goals for this space were: a place to put mail when walking in the door (to be sorted later), as well as a place for outgoing mail; drop-zone for keys, sunglasses, and my market bag.

Gettin' Organized {Details Blog}

We used this system from IKEA and so far we’re loving it.  This is the longer version.  The letter board is from Target (similar) and it’s been fun to put up new sayings every little while.  The mail organizer is from HomeGoods — they always have a ton of these!

Gettin' Organized {Details Blog}

The little pop of greenery is a fun touch but we can use the tin basket for something else in the future if we want to.  The small basket that holds sunglasses is from Target a while back.

Gettin' Organized {Details Blog}

So there you have it!  Our little space made more functional — I’m telling you, it’s small projects like this that get me SO excited.  Even more so than larger projects, I think.

I hope you have a great day!

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