And Spring Turns to Summer

Good morning, friends.  Happy Sunday to you.  🙂

And Spring Turns to Summer {Details Blog}

It’s been a little bit.  I’ve been taking some much-needed time away from social media and blogging to get some priorities in order.  It was a good break, and I’m feeling refreshed and my Internal Gratefulness Basket is filled to the brim.

And Spring Turns to Summer {Details Blog}

We’ve slowed on the projects to do those boring homeowner responsibilities that you don’t think of when you buy a house…  Like paying for giant trees to be trimmed, new sprinkler timers, etc.  You know, the fun stuff.  😉

And Spring Turns to Summer {Details Blog}

But it has been nice to putter and just be in our little space.  Having a slower pace is helpful to me and I think to everyone.  Switching things up to see what is really important is, well, really important.

And Spring Turns to Summer {Details Blog}

We spent some time with my family in Telluride last week, and this week we are headed out again.  The time with my fam was amazing in so many ways.  I left feeling an incredible sense of renewed connection and love.  We are so blessed!

And Spring Turns to Summer {Details Blog}

My favorite trick for going out of town is to put clean linens on the bed right before we leave in the morning…  It’s such a treat to come home to a freshly made bed!  Just makes you want to crawl right in.  😉

And Spring Turns to Summer {Details Blog}

I’ve been thinking of my Gramma so much lately.  I miss her.  This picture hangs above our bed…  This was in all of her apartments that she ever lived in from the time I was really young, and she always told me that when she passed, she would be that swanky lady in the blue dress by the piano.  She was so sassy!  🙂 We recently framed it in this white IKEA frame.  Makes me happy.

And Spring Turns to Summer {Details Blog}

I switched up our Spring wreath for a Summer variety.  I will show you soon… very simple.  I kept the Summer decor very minimal this year.  I just didn’t feel up to it.  I was wanting more of a relaxed feeling around our house this time of year…  Not everything “vignette-ed.”  It’s been nice to have things a bit more casual — and less to dust!  Lol.

And Spring Turns to Summer {Details Blog}

We are feeling very blessed to call this little nest our home.  We’ve been loving on it in lots of small ways lately.  Makes me feel extremely at peace.

And Spring Turns to Summer {Details Blog}

Of course, this handsome man is forever my rock, protector, and best friend.  This house wouldn’t be a home without him.

I hope you have a great day!

2 thoughts on “And Spring Turns to Summer

  1. What a beautiful testament to the most important things in life. Our family, our relationships, and our priorities. You just soothed me into a cozy state with love and the simple things that are not simple at all. They are everything. 😘


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