Kitchen Refresh

Good morning, friends!  I hope you had a great Monday.  I will admit to you — I have a Fall candle burning right now…  Don’t be mad at me, lol.  This is about the time of year that I start itching for Fall and cooler temps.  Bring on the sweaters and the hot coffee!  Until then, I’ll be here with the scent of pumpkin wafting through our house.

I wanted to write a little bit about some thoughts I have about a kitchen refresh that I am plotting for our home…

Kitchen Refresh {Details Blog}

I have some ideas about how I want to refresh this eat-in space as well as DIY-ing a couple of projects, like painting the cabinets and installing a glass-front door to the cabinet that holds our wine glasses and other pretty glassware.

Kitchen Refresh {Details Blog}

I have been pining for some wicker-type chairs in this space.  I just feel like it would look so much cozier and relaxed.  The chairs that we have are working out fine.  We bought them right when we moved in and I paid about $100 for all four.  A very big steal and so far they have been great.  But the longer we live here, I am craving different things than I did when we first moved in and I was purchasing a few things here and there as place-holders until I figured out what we would want long-term.

I found the above chairs while perusing At Home and I think they would work really well in our space.  I also love the taupe-y color, which will complement a lot of the other furniture that we have in our family room and kitchen.


The Inspired Room

I am also so inspired by Melissa’s dining room at The Inspired Room, my all-time favorite blog.  🙂 Her home is the epitome of cozy and I just love how warm and un-fussy this looks.  It’s so inviting.  This obviously got my wheels a-turning.  🙂

Kitchen Refresh {Details Blog}

This is a floorplan I created for our kitchen.  I have wanted a white kitchen table for so long and an oval shape is also my dream, so by putting everything on a diagonal, it will make the space more interesting and will allow me to switch out the chairs and table when budget allows.  We will paint the cabinets a white-gray-taupe color (still undecided) and add hardware.  That’s pretty much all this room needs for a little refresh!

Kitchen Refresh {Details Blog}

This mood board has me so excited.  🙂  It’s all going to happen very slowly but I have a direction and that makes me happy.  I’ve been thinking about this lots and lots, so this feels very ‘us’ and also feels like home to me, even when I just look at this on a computer screen.

Kitchen Refresh {Details Blog}

I’ll keep you posted on any progress that is made!  Have a great day!

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