Fall Nesting

Good morning!  I don’t know about you, but I am beginning my beloved process of Fall nesting.  🙂  I went out and purchased a new, cozy doormat for our front door and I also did a quick DIY update to our faux boxwood wreath for the beginning of the Fall season.  More on that soon…

Fall Nesting {Details Blog}

The beginning of this season is always so much fun because of the anticipation of so much to come.  Doesn’t everyone love the anticipation of good things?

Fall Nesting {Details Blog}

I promised myself that I would take on a new approach to decorating seasonally around our home.  Instead of putting pressure on myself to get our house ‘photo ready’ or putting up all of our decorations at once, I’ve decided to slowly add things to create a cozy or festive feel based upon how I feel and how much I want to do.  No more pressure on myself — my goal this season is to just go with the flow, savor, and enjoy.

Fall Nesting {Details Blog}

We have a fun trip planned for the end of November where we will be going to a little beach house in California, and we are also going to do a day at Disneyland during that trip.  I’m so excited!  Hopeful that we can also take a day trip up north for a little adventure, too.

Fall Nesting {Details Blog}

Of course, there will also be Sweet Salvage’s Wicked Faire, which we look forward to each year.  If you’re local, it’s a must-see.

Fall Nesting {Details Blog}

If you haven’t ever followed along with Melissa from The Inspired Room and her Fall Nesting series, now’s the time.  For the past ten years, I have faithfully looked forward to this series that really sets the tone for the season and gets me feeling all kinds of cozy and happy.  Make sure you join in on the fun.  🙂  Not to be missed.

Make it a great day, friends!

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