20 Little Things I Love About Fall

20 Little Things I Love About Fall {Details Blog}

Good morning to you.  🙂  I hope your week is off to a great start.  I begin a new adventure this week and I am so excited.  God is Great.  ❤

So let’s talk about Fall as a Mindset…  Do you know what I mean by that?  Do you feel it, too?

Sometimes we live in places where it’s warm until mid-October; or orange leaves don’t actually turn brown and fall; or we might not need to cozy up underneath a blanket until November 1st.  Sometimes we feel like we need to wait until a certain date or time to celebrate a season.  But, my friends, that’s just not the case…

Each year, I take my time easing in to the Fall season.  It’s not about cold weather or pumpkin spice lattes for me — it’s about the simple joys of being mindful in spirit and intentionally making each day one where I revel in the changing of the seasons and all that is to come.

This isn’t a time where we need to feel like we are competing with our friends or people we follow on the internet…  It’s not even about getting new things at all!  Fall is a mindset, my friends.  Fall is a warm, welcome shift.  Fall is cozy imperfection.  Fall is my favorite.

Here are 20 little things I love about Fall…  What do you love about Fall?

20 Little Things I Love About Fall {Details Blog}

~Cool mornings

~Togetherness Time

~Fall drinks

~Cozy blankets

~Pumpkin pie

~Fall-scented candles

~Time spent outdoors

~Pumpkin-sightings at Trader Joes (and pumpkins in general, ha!)

~Our Halloween Spotify playlist

~Putting up our Halloween Town with my beloved

~Simmering stove scents


~Movie nights at home

~Hot chocolate

~Hot meals, roasted vegetables

~Apple crisp with cold vanilla ice cream


~Gathering loved ones

~Cozy imperfection

~A house filled with love

Tell me what your favorite things about Fall are!


*This post was inspired by Melissa @ The Inspired Room — I am loving her Fall Nesting Series so very much!  Do follow along!

5 thoughts on “20 Little Things I Love About Fall

  1. Hmm so many things about Fall!! I love the smell of burning leaves. And the crisp chill in the mornings! The beginning of school! Thanksgiving. Thinking about my mom and anticipating the Christmas season, my mom’s favorite!! Fun!


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