Fall Nesting: Enjoying the Simple Things

Fall Nesting: Enjoying the Simple Things {Details Blog}

Our house is small but mighty at just over 1,000 square feet.  Nothing could have made me happier than having a cozy little nest as our first humble home.  🙂  It’s a sweet little place that we have been so blessed with — I hate to leave it for the day and love coming home to it — what’s better than that?

Because of its size, I only have room for the things I really love.  And a lot of the stuff I love is really old stuff!  Adding antiques and vintage items to our home is something that brings our space unique character and warmth — and I love when these special things find me.

Fall Nesting: Enjoying the Simple Things {Details Blog}

Fall is the time when I “bring out all my cozies” – A.K.A., bring out all of my beautiful treasures that may have been in hiding for the Spring and Summer months.  Typically beginning in January, I like to create a ‘clean slate’ for us with minimal excess decor and I enjoy that quiet in our space.  But right now…?  Right now I crave warmth and the familiarity of so many of my favorite things…

Right about now is the time that I become a putterer…  Is that a word…?  I think it should be if it’s not.

Fall Nesting: Enjoying the Simple Things {Details Blog}

This is the time of year when I spend my mornings moving from small task to small task in our home.  Maybe I wipe down the kitchen, or water our rosemary outside, or make a new stack of books…  Maybe I add some pumpkins to our decor, or bake some bread, or organize a drawer or two…

Puttering is why I love Fall so, so much.  And arranging my special things is the perfect puttering activity to do on a Fall morning.  🙂

Do you like to putter?  What kind of puttering do you like to do?

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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