Fall Nesting: Adding Cozy Layers

Good morning!  I hope you had a great start to your week!  Let’s talk about adding cozy layers…

Fall Nesting: Adding Cozy Layers {Details Blog}

We took our slipcover off to wash it a week or so ago and I tried on the underneath brown sofa color for size.  I have to say, it looked just fine in here!  But I missed the crisp casualness of the white slipcover, so back on it went!  I let my husband do the honors… I have a really hard time being patient with the process.  He’s the best — he takes care of it and then I swoop in at the end to zhush.  😉

Fall Nesting: Adding Cozy Layers {Details Blog}

I saw some sweater-type pillows at HomeGoods last week and I knew I should have picked them up because, of course, when I went back, they were gone!  Number one HomeGoods rule — if you see it and you think you might be able to use it, buy it and you can always return it later!  I learned that from my mom-in-law and, let’s be honest, I’ve also learned it the hard way.

But these blue check pillows are flannel!  So that’s a fun texture for Fall!

Fall Nesting: Adding Cozy Layers {Details Blog}

I love the pop of blue — I have blue accents all over our living room.  Blue just makes me happy.  It’s a soothing, cozy color to me.  It just goes to show you that you don’t have to deck out your space in orange or brown for Fall if that’s not your style!  You can add the same warmth with visual or tactile texture.

Fall Nesting: Adding Cozy Layers {Details Blog}

The pillows are super soft which will make them great napping pillows.  😉  We love napping on our sofa!  It’s been a bit since I’ve done that but we always judge sofas by their ability to be napped upon – ha!  We’ve been blessed with some good napping sofas thus far.

One of the pillows had a little hole in it that I could repair myself but anytime I see something like that on something from HomeGoods, I always tell them because they will usually give you a couple of dollars off, depending on the price.

Fall Nesting: Adding Cozy Layers {Details Blog}

This is just the way I love to nest for the season… layer, layer, layer.  I added another blanket to my blanket ladder and can’t wait to cozy up with our faux fur one once the temperatures drop!

PS: Seeing that view into our bedroom makes me think I should add some dark blue accents on the bed!  What do you think?  😉

How do you add layers into your space this time of year?

Have a great Tuesday, friends!

PPS: Happy first-date-anniversary to my sweet husband!  11 years has gone by so fast — I love you tons!

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