Wicked Faire

Hey there, friends!  I hope your Fall season is off to a great start.  We have had an unseasonably cool October thus far and I. Am. Loving. It.  It’s been so nice to have the windows open and to enjoy the outdoors again.  I have missed it so much!

So… with everything going on in the news during the last month, I have had a hard time willing myself to get to this computer to write.  Inspiration has felt far away for me for a bit.  I’m slowly inching back into that realm, though.  If you’re feeling like me, just know that you are not alone.  It’s difficult to talk about pretty things and seasonal things when there seems to be so much wrong with the world right now.  But I just want to say that sometimes it is good to come back to those things — for normalcy, for happiness, for inspiration.  So here I am.

We snuck away to Sweet Salvage last month for their Wicked Faire and it was so good!  It was my favorite Halloween show thus far — we have been for the last three years.  I wanted to share some iPhone pictures with you in case you are needing a little inspirational push for Halloween decor.  😉

Wicked Faire {Details Blog}

I loved this apothecary scene with the ‘lead’ sign and the glass, silver, and drippy wax!

Wicked Faire {Details Blog}

So simple — doll heads underneath cloches.  But sooo creepy!  There was a lot of faux cotton in this show, too — a great texture for Fall.

Wicked Faire {Details Blog}

This fancy dude greeted everyone on their way in the door.  Loved his outfit!

Wicked Faire {Details Blog}

I thought this was such a pretty display for Fall.  I love buffalo check this time of year — really, any time of year, ha! — it’s so cute and cozy with the orange pumpkins.

Wicked Faire {Details Blog}

The Warehouse at Sweet Salvage is full of rusty treasures like this light.  So many amazing textural finds.

Wicked Faire {Details Blog}

This was my favorite vignette of the whole show.  There’s something about it that is both super whimsical and perfectly spooky.

Wicked Faire {Details Blog}

Of course you can’t go wrong with crows and rats this time of year.

Wicked Faire {Details Blog}

I try not to forget to look up when I’m here!  There are so many amazing chandeliers and this chunky beaded one was calling my name.  🙂

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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