Cozy Fall Mugs

Good morning to you!  I hope you had a productive start to your week.  🙂  Grab a cup of coffee and step on into my kitchen

Cozy Fall Mugs {Details Blog}

This buffet from Walmart (of all places!) has been so great since we purchased it almost two years ago.  It stores cookbooks, serving pieces, houses our coffee station, and holds our seasonal mugs.  Which brings me to…

Cozy Fall Mugs {Details Blog}

I love this little coffee station of ours.  It brings a little bit of joy into my day.  I’m a big fan of creating zones in my small kitchen and I treat this buffet as an extension of my countertop space.  We recently purchased some Fall mugs at HomeGoods to update this a bit for the season.  More on that soon…  🙂

Cozy Fall Mugs {Details Blog}

We buy these espresso pods from Amazon.  We used to buy Nespresso but we don’t always have the budget for those pods.  These are almost as good, in my opinion!  😉  I love using the Duralex glasses for the espresso.  Makes me feel all French – ha!  This is the season where we drink a lot of hot coffee and beverages, too.  We were just talking the other day about how we need to make time to head to AJ’s in the coming weeks to pick out a fancy hot chocolate for the cold weather.  On cozy nights at home we like to make it on the stove with homemade whipped cream and shaved chocolate.  Fun mugs make this tradition that much better!  I’m all about the little things!

Cozy Fall Mugs {Details Blog}

Cozy Fall Mugs {Details Blog}

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Have a great Tuesday!

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