Gladiola {Details Blog}

Happy Thanksgiving Week, friends!  I know that this season can be bittersweet for so many.  Although there is much time to be spent with family and loved ones, there are usually people that we miss at this time, too.  This can leave us feeling tender and raw, and a mix of emotions.

Gladiola {Details Blog}

My Gramma’s birthday is this Saturday.  I miss her so much.  I know my mom misses her so much, too.  We all miss her!  She had a giant personality that filled the room.  During the holiday season I miss her even more than usual.  There are so many funny things that she did that were uniquely ‘her,’ and there were so many traditions that she was a part of that I miss like crazy.

Gladiola {Details Blog}

She loved Thanksgiving.  I remember so many turkey dinners with her.  Sometimes Thanksgiving would even fall on her birthday.  🙂  She was a force, that’s for sure.  I was drawn to these gladiola flowers at Trader Joe’s and I bought them, not knowing that they were one of her most favorite flowers.  My mom told me later when I told her about this little vignette on our buffet.  No wonder I was drawn to them!

Gladiola {Details Blog}

I like to use a lot of my Gramma’s silver for decorating and entertaining this time of the year.  It makes me feel lots closer to her and I know that it would bring her joy to know that I am using her fancy things.

Hold your people close!  We should do that all year long, and this time of year is a great reminder to reach out to someone you’ve been meaning to, lend a helping hand to someone in need, do acts of service, etc.  And to all of you who are missing someone this season, sending you lots and lots of love.

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