Here’s To a New Year

I’ve been away for a month, and I wasn’t sure I was coming back.  That’s the truth of it.

As of today, I have been off of social media completely since the day after Christmas, and I honestly am making an intention not to return to it.  Some realizations

-Feelings of “not good enough” and comparison creeping in far too often

-Content that I didn’t wish to see and then could not unsee

-Seeing things that people would post that I found offensive or insensitive and then I would get mad, and it might make me feel angry or sad on a day that I was otherwise feeling happy before

-I am not a parent, but if I saw one more picture of a baby crying or screaming on Santa’s lap, I was going to lose my mind

-Too much time spent scrolling and looking at all the things; not enough time spent doing the creative work

It feels vulnerable to put this list out here for all to see.

And then with a self-imposed social media ban, what about the blog?  Can I still write the blog and not promote it on social media?  I honestly still am not sure.  But as it stands this morning, I am going to try.  Writing this blog brings me joy.  That is my reason for writing and posting.  I have some friends and family members who lovingly follow me and I am really appreciative of that.  I am creative and therefore I must create.  I aim to focus on the content I am creating and less on how many people see it.

We live in a world of Pinterest Perfection.  It is really hard.  People all over the internet are completing grand and expensive projects and I’m over here like Look!  I put flowers in a teapot!  Which is cute and fun… and a huge room reveal it is not.  For me, the reason I wanted to start a blog was because I saw a couple of other bloggers who were sharing ideas that were simple and attainable.  Things I could do with what I had in my own house or apartment already.  Ways that I could love the space I was in by shopping my house.  It was all so simple.

It’s so different now.  But I don’t want to be.  I have a little corner of the internet where I plan on sharing my usual simple, little things that I do when I putter around our humble home.  I’m always discovering things about our house.  Things I love.  I love the home I have and I don’t need anything fancy or anything grand to feel that way.  And I want to inspire anyone who comes by my little blog to not have to go out and spend a fortune just to “keep up” with me.

I’ve never been a New Year’s Resolution kind of person.  I think a few years back I began the year saying I wanted to go to the gym more, which is a fine goal for a new beginning but like most people who make resolutions, it didn’t stick.  This year I have a sentence, I have a word, and I have an intention.

My sentence is: “And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” – John Steinbeck

My word is: Hospitality

And my intention is: Be Maria

Here's To a New Year {Details Blog}

Some goals — to declutter, “need” less…

Here's To a New Year {Details Blog}

Here's To a New Year {Details Blog}

Here's To a New Year {Details Blog}

Take care of people; love on people; consider people; host more… I want to become less afraid of last-minute plans…

Here's To a New Year {Details Blog}

Read more.  Create more time for mindfulness activities — coloring, painting rocks.

Here's To a New Year {Details Blog}

Get better, more consistent sleep.  Try to stick to a schedule, but don’t be too rigid about it.

Here's To a New Year {Details Blog}

Simplify.  Let fresh flowers and plants be all I need to nest most times.  And twinkle lights never hurt.

Here's To a New Year {Details Blog}

More stovetop home scents.  Discover new recipes.

Here's To a New Year {Details Blog}

Next Holiday season — do more to feel present; do less things with more intention.

Here's To a New Year {Details Blog}

Savor this guy.  More snuggles, more pets, more love.

Here's To a New Year {Details Blog}

And this guy.  My protector.  My dream.  My wish.  My heart.  Just looking at this picture brings tears to my eyes.  Spend more time cuddled up on the sofa with him.  Simple coffee dates.  Just be with him.  That will always be enough for me.

Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “Here’s To a New Year

  1. THAT was a beautiful, vulnerable, and inspiring blog post. Thank you. I will always love you because you are so amazing at being Maria.


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