DIY Cleansing Stovetop Scent

Good morning!  We’re almost to the weekend!  😉  I hope you’ve had a great week so far.  It’s been a very productive one over here for me.  Lots of good has happened.  I’ll take it!

DIY Cleansing Stovetop Scent {Details Blog}

This is our humble little kitchen where I cook food to nourish our family and where the magic happens on my stovetop when I create yummy scents.  This latest creation was born from a desire for a clean scent — without the cleaning products!  We were taking down our Christmas decorations and I wanted the house to smell fresh and new.  We opened all of the windows (we can do that here in Arizona “winters” 😉 ) and this boiled happily on the stove all day long.  The night before I made this my parents had been over for dinner and I used the eucalyptus leaves from the table setting for this scent.  Plus, after making the blueberry sauce for the cheesecake that I served, I saved the rinds of the oranges and lemons that I squeezed for this purpose!

DIY Cleansing Stovetop Scent {Details Blog}

The ingredients in this stovetop scent are: eucalyptus leaves (I stripped them from the sticks), 2 orange rinds – sliced, 1 lemon rind – sliced, vanilla (I don’t measure, I just pour some in – maybe a tablespoon?), cranberries (again, I don’t measure these – just whatever looks good to me!), and water to fill up your pot.  You do have to watch the pot and refill it throughout the time that it is boiling because the water does evaporate, but most of the time when I make these scents, I have them going all day.  I pick a day that I plan on staying at home and puttering (my favorite!), and these scents waft through the house and, I’m telling you, it is pure HEAVEN.  One of my favorite things in the whole world.

DIY Cleansing Stovetop Scent {Details Blog}

For Christmas, my sweet in-laws gave this beautiful copper pot to me and I will always treasure it.  I have been putting it to good use cooking up all kinds of scents and I know that I will continue to do so for many years to come.

If you want to create your own scents, my best advice is to just think of how you want your house to smell.  Clean?  Festive?  Cozy?  Then think of different spices, extracts, fruits, etc. that smell that way to you.  Things that I always keep on hand are fresh rosemary, lemons, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla extract.  You can make a scent with just those things — and all the rest that you add is just a bonus at that point.  🙂

If you try a recipe, definitely let me know!

What “flavor” combinations sound good to you?

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