Winter Nesting

Good morning!  I hope you had a great start to your week.  How was your weekend?  Ours was BUSY, but really fun, too.  We’re looking forward to a weekend with no plans and hopefully a date night thrown in there.  😉  BUT, it’s only Tuesday, so…

Winter Nesting {Details Blog}

The Christmas decorations have been down for a couple of weeks and I have been busy nesting in our house.  It’s always an interesting feeling when the holiday decorations come down, isn’t it?  The house feels so bare!  I must admit that I do kind of enjoy it, though.  After so much excess it’s usually really nice to put everything away and have a clean slate for the beginning of the year.

Winter Nesting {Details Blog}

I usually take most everything off of every surface to start and add as the mood strikes — no centerpieces, nothing very elaborate…  It’s a nice feeling!  And we clean and scrub the house.  I left these twinkle lights in our tree in the dining area of the kitchen.  I just couldn’t resist — they make me happy!

Winter Nesting {Details Blog}

Incense was a huge part of my life growing up.  I feel like my dad always had some burning!  I’ve been getting into it lately, too.  And I have been loving the scent of Palo Santo wood when I feel like our space needs a little cleanse.

Winter Nesting {Details Blog}

The incense holder I found at World Market, but it needed something to collect the ashes, so I found this marble tray on clearance at Target.  The match striker is also from Target, and I use it for the Palo Santo because it burns better when the burning part is contained — keeps it alive!

Winter Nesting {Details Blog}

Winter Nesting {Details Blog}

I am all about cozy textures — especially this time of the year.  I like to buy these faux sheepskin rugs and use them as throws around our house.  We have one on our bed right now, too.  It’s really Kuma’s now, lol — he loves to snuggle with it, or throw it around and “fight” with it.

Winter Nesting {Details Blog}

My sweet friend Madison gave me these blue and white glass balls for Christmas.  She knows me!  😉  I put them on a collection of mismatched candlesticks for now.

Winter Nesting {Details Blog}

I love the wood candlesticks from Harp Design Co.  My in-laws gave these to us for Christmas and I think they are so beautiful!  I love the natural wood.

Winter Nesting {Details Blog}

I recently found a collection of photos from Grey’s teenager years and my childhood that show us playing music — bass guitar for him, piano for me.  🙂  I put them in a little crystal dish, and this has me inspired to curate other mini photo collections, maybe based on the season.  I’ll keep you posted on that!

How are you cozying up for the Winter season?

2 thoughts on “Winter Nesting

  1. Super fun post, Maria!! We put down our Christmas things as well, and it feels good. Now if only I could find someone to dust my house, I would be in great shape!! 🙂 One thing at a time!
    Thanks for sharing! Love the blue glass balls! Cool touch!


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