Room Refresh: Pillow Swap

Welcome to Monday!  I hope that you had a great Holiday weekend.  I’m not quite feeling ready for the weekend to be over, but here we are.  😉

Room Refresh: Pillow Swap

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I asked for some fun decorative things for our living room!  This lamp and this throw blanket were two items that I was wishing for that I ended up receiving.  The lamp is huge!  Just the way that I like ’em.  And the tassels on the throw blanket are ginormous and fun.

Room Refresh: Pillow Swap

I had some extra birthday money, and I decided that I wanted to do a whole pillow refresh in this room.  The pillows on our sofa were ones I had purchased before we moved into this house, and they were looking a little sad.  I never have the budget to buy a bunch of new pillows all at once, and that can make coming up with a whole scheme really difficult if you’re slowly piecing it together.  So my birthday money really came in handy!

Room Refresh: Pillow Swap

All four back pillows were HomeGoods finds.  Then I found this cute pillow at Target!  I love the tassels.

Room Refresh: Pillow Swap

This one is from Target, too.  I’m glad I went looking this time of the year because the lamp reads a bit on the cobalt blue side, which is the accent color of these pillows.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to find this color blue in Fall or Winter.  😉

Room Refresh: Pillow Swap

I completely fell in love with this adorable pillow.  It’s from World Market.  The fun thing about this one is that the block print design actually reads gray, but with all of the other blue in the room, it ends up looking like a true blue.  I loved this pillow so much in the store, so I carried it all around with a couple of other blue pillows placing it with them in different light to see what the color of the design did.  It read blue in all of the areas as long as it was around more blue, so I hoped it would work.  And it did!

Room Refresh: Pillow Swap

Room Refresh: Pillow Swap

Summer Scene

Room Refresh: Pillow Swap

The tassels on this blanket are so happy.  This throw is even better than I expected it to be.  It’s chunky and warm, and it’s big!  Grey and I can both fit underneath it while we’re watching TV on our sofa.  It’s just the best.

Room Refresh: Pillow Swap

I’m already thinking that the addition of a couple of red pillows will make this really cute and cozy for Winter.  😉

What are your favorite color combinations?  Have you refreshed any of your spaces this Summer?  Let me know in the comments!

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