Highland Yard Vintage – Home Sweet Home

This past weekend I was so excited to attend Highland Yard Vintage’s August market, Home Sweet Home.  I don’t think I have written about Highland Yard on the blog before — I have created several posts about Sweet Salvage, another four-day vintage market in Arizona.  Highland Yard is closer to where I live than Sweet Salvage and it is also connected to a huge antique store.  The store is open each day but the market lasts four days a month.  The vignettes are stunning and there is so much inspiration to be found here.  I love going and this was my first time attending one of these events with my new camera!  So that was exciting.  😉

Usually the decor is pretty farmhouse-y, but there are so many elements that you could take and put into many styles of design.  Everything is expertly layered, and that is one of my favorite takeaways — layer your vignettes!  Texture, color, finish, etc. — just layer it all.







Of course since it is still August, there were plenty of Summer touches to be found in these vignettes.  Lots of seashells, some beach glass, rope…


Plenty of beautiful faux greenery around, too — some of which was very convincing!









And just a few pictures of vignettes that intrigued me in the regular store…





Thanks for following along with me!  🙂  Sweet Salvage has a market this weekend so I am hoping to go to that so I can share with you!  I’m also looking for some new silver, so we’ll see how that goes.

Cafe Curtains

Happy Friday, friends!  It’s been a busy week for me and I’m looking toward another busy weekend.  Summer is wrapping up and I really cannot wait to bust out my Fall decor.  😉  Someone is going to have to contain me until mid-September.

So…let’s talk about cafe curtains (aka short-tier curtains).  Throughout most of my time as an interior designer, I have kind of been against these window treatments.  They always seemed really dowdy to me and lacking in personality.  I was big on the folded roman shade and tailored long drapes, but not so much the cafe curtain.  Until I started noticing that I was seeing all sorts of interiors with cafe curtains that I was just a little bit obsessing over.  And then came the idea for this post… a collection of interiors with cafe curtains that are decidedly perfect.

If you’re looking to maintain privacy while not losing out on natural light, cafe curtains are a great option.  They can also be customized per your style — so if natural and breezy is your thing, or pleated and tailored is your jam, they can be made to suit your interior.  As far as fabrics go, I’m partial to a white or off-white variation, but obviously colors work and don’t forget the option of trimming the leading edge.


Architectural Digest


Heidi Piron


At Home In Arkansas


Home Bunch


Sarah Bartholomew


Collins Interiors


Mark Hampton




Kara Mann


Home Bunch


Sarah Bartholomew


Brooke Chamblee Interiors


Original Source Unknown


Country Living

Master Bath via South Shore Decorating Blog

Original Source Unknown

Weekend Puttering

This past weekend I decided to take care of disposing of and replacing my dead plants around the house.  😉  I love the way that fresh flowers and plants make a space feel.  They’re good for the air, they’re good for your soul, and they’re good when you’re feeling like you are in a rut or just wanting your space freshened up.

I love buying orchids and flowers from Trader Joe’s.  They have the best prices and their blooms last a long time.  For succulents, I’m all about Home Depot.  I’ve had good luck keeping ones from there alive for a good long while and they are incredibly inexpensive.

Hydrangeas 1

I usually have an orchid on this table but I switched this pot and my orchid and I love the change.  That’s what puttering dreams are made of.  😉

Hydrangeas 2

Hydrangeas 3

The hydrangeas look so beautiful and lush in this blue and white planter, and they speak Summer to me every time I look at them.  Soaking up the last weeks of Summer before I can officially call it the beginning of Fall — September!

Coffee Table Vignette

I got this super healthy new succulent and potted it in my vintage silver in place of the grape-looking plant I had in it before.  It’s a fun change.

Coffee Table Vignette 2

Remember, this tray is a simple DIY project!

Coffee Table Vignette 3

One of my favorite views.  🙂

Orchid Vignette

This is the spot where my orchid lives now — it adds the perfect height and drama.  It’s such a beautiful plant and I had to move around all the orchids at TJ’s to get to this one, but you do what you gotta do.  😉

Orchid Vignette 2

Lake Tahoe 2017

Continuing with my li’l travel journal on this blog, I have some pretty pictures from our trip to Lake Tahoe.  We went with Grey’s family and had a great time.  There were a couple of cool wildlife sightings — the bluejays and the occasional squirrel running into the house we were staying in provided really good entertainment.  😛

Blue jay 1

Blue jay 2

There were many things enjoyed on the giant outdoor deck — meals, laughs, relaxation, and of course popsicles.


We didn’t venture out from the house very much.  We had the occasional meal out and went to an adorable town called Truckee relatively nearby.  Grey and I found a cute coffee shop near the house, too.

Grey 2

But who would really want to leave our own private beach and beautiful scenery?

Boathouse and boats


Dock and boats

Next year on our vacations I plan on keeping a travel journal so that I can actually remember the places that we went!  😉  All of that information is pretty fuzzy a few weeks later…

Telluride 2017

Good morning — happy Tuesday!  It’s been a while.  🙂  I have been doing a bit of July traveling and my pace has slowed down, which has been so nice.  We went to Telluride, Colorado with my family and Lake Tahoe with Grey’s family, so I thought I’d do a couple of recap posts.

I hadn’t been to Telluride in almost ten years, but this is a place where I spent some time each Summer as a teenager.  My parents invited Grey and I, and my brother and Julia to crash their vacation and enjoy time there with them.  🙂


Backdrop 2

If you’ve never been, Telluride is an adorable mountain town with the most incredible backdrop — it looks fake!  We always stay at Mountain Lodge, which is just about a twenty minute gondola ride from the town.  Once we parked our cars at the hotel, we didn’t drive again until the day we left.  The gondola station is just a short walk from the hotel, and that will take you straight into the town.


These are the pretty condos at Mountain Lodge.  We stayed in one equipped with a kitchen, which made breakfasts easy.  Typically we would eat breakfast at the hotel, and then head down into town for the day, having a linner before heading back up.




There are several great park-type places to sit in the grass and relax, and plenty of beautiful Aspen trees.  They look like the leaves are waving to you when the wind blows.  🙂

Restaurant Ceiling

Of course there are a multitude of awesome restaurants.  The only place that we went to that I would not recommend is Steamies — they serve burgers, but you can find a better burger anywhere else!




And of course the shopping — there are so many cute shops that all seem to specialize in different things.  Even pop into the drugstores — they all carry their own array of handmade soaps, lip balms, lotions, etc.  And fun snacks, too.  Be sure to go to Gardenstore if you like to sip on wine while you shop.

I had some pretty severe altitude sickness while I was there, which was the only unfortunate part.  Since the elevation is at 10,000 feet, drink tons of water, and if you need oxygen, stop into Atmosphere Spa.

Summer Wreath-Making

My brother’s girlfriend is awesome.  Let’s just start with that.  We got together for a little wreath-making party a few weeks ago to make some Summer cuteness for our doors.  They both turned out very different, but they’re both summery in their own way.  😉

Julia was inspired by the floral department of the craft store.  She has an awesome table that acts as a potting bench outside her front door with tons of beautiful succulents, and she wanted something that would really complement that.

Julia's Wreath - Beginning

Julia's Wreath - Beginning 2

I’ve talked before about my love affair with grapevine wreaths and how they make such a pretty statement for each season.  And the great thing is, if you’re using faux flowers, you can just cut them from the larger stems, place them where you want, and when the season is over, you can take them out and re-use the wreath form.

Julia Action - 1

Julia Action 2

You need pretty decent wire cutters in order to make this easy on your hands.  Typically regular old scissors don’t cut these blooms.  Then just get to placing!

Julia's Wreath - Progress

Julia is an incredible artist.  I love how her wreath looks like something from a floral designer.  It was really fun watching her be creative with the placement of the stems and flowers.  And that faux succulent stem was a really awesome find.

Julia's Wreath - Finished on Table

Julia’s finished wreath… Gorgeous, huh?

My Wreath - Beginning

Back in one of our old apartments, I made a wreath really similar to this.  I just used a hot glue gun to glue on the shells that I wanted.  The starfish add a little bit of interest that I love.

My Wreath - Progress

I burnt myself at least twice while doing this.  The little clamshell-type ones were so hard to get on there without getting glue all over my fingers.  And just a quick tip — If you have larger items that you are placing on the wreath (like the starfish), place those where you want them first and then nestle in everything else around it.

My Wreath - Finished on Table

My Wreath - Detail

This wreath feels like Summer to me.  I love driving up to our house and seeing it on our door.  …Gives me the warm and fuzzies.  🙂

My Wreath - On Door