Spring Decorating Ideas

Happy Monday, guys!  I hope you had a great weekend.

I’ve gotta be honest — I have officially taken down the Spring decor in our house!  Between seasons I like to allow our house to breathe and the Spring stuff had been up for several months — we do live in Arizona, after all.  I totally get that Spring is just now beginning in parts of the country, but I’ve got my radar on Summer right now (kind of) and I’m beginning to collect things that I see and like for those seasonal vignettes.  I’m finding that each season in our house is so magical!  The house is becoming more full of pretty things that I love and I am enjoying the evolution of our space so much.

I thought today I would share some Spring decorating ideas from our house and also a couple of vignettes from my in-laws’ house (I snapped a few photos while we were over there for Easter lunch!).

Wooden Eggs

This little set-up is on our coffee table, and the only thing that really changes now and then is what is in the center silver bowl.  I’ve written about the treasures on this tray before, and also about the fact that this marble “tray” is actually a super easy DIY project.  I spotted these wooden eggs at Target in the Dollar Spot, no less, and I know that a lot of people probably used them for a craft, but I thought they were so pretty in their raw state.  I placed them inside of this bowl and then arranged the rocks and seashell on top.  I also pulled out a couple of candlesticks and placed an egg on top of each near our TV.  🙂

Spring in the Foyer

Spring in the Foyer Details

This is my in-laws’ foyer, and my mom-in-law always puts really pretty decor on this table.  This year for Spring it is an impressive assortment of apothecary jars, filled with moss, nests, birds, bunnies…  All the Spring stuff.  🙂  The candle holders are super versatile and are essentially seasonless — they go with everything.

Spring Silverware

We hosted my parents for dinner a couple of weekends ago and I set up the buffet table to be Springy, of course, for a little barbecue.  🙂  I layered two different varieties of wrapping paper to create a table runner (my favorite easy entertaining trick! — see other tables here and here) and I tried to match one of the wrapping papers to the napkins — the colorway ended up being super similar so I was a happy camper.

Plates and Flowers

The plates matched really perfectly, too.  I layered these plates on top of a cake platter with Easter “grass” to give the table some needed height.


I have been treating myself to Trader Joe’s flowers weekly (my trade-off for no fancy coffee drinks) and this pitcher is from HomeGoods — perfect for a big bouquet of just about anything.  I used a smaller bud vase for additional flowers that didn’t fit in the vase, and that little arrangement is now next to my side of the bed in our bedroom (which I can’t wait to show you this week!).  I have about eight of these bud vases and every time I think about getting rid of them because they take up space and I don’t use them super often, I end up needing one and I toss that thought right out the window.  😉

Egg Wreath

This is just a brilliant way to use a wreath, in my opinion.  This is at my in-laws’ house and this glass hurricane gets updated for each season.  Isn’t it funny how certain spots in our homes are areas we just naturally gravitate toward for seasonal decor?  I love that.  This little vignette is super pretty, not at all fussy, and best of all — easy to put away at the end of the season!

Is your home still decorated for Spring?  What is your favorite way to decorate for the season?

Easy Hostess Gift Idea

Happy happy Friday!  I hope you have fun plans for the weekend.  🙂

Just popping in with a quick and easy gift idea.  The time for impromptu get-togethers and outdoor dinner parties are upon us, as is Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, July 4th, etc.  I never like to go to someone’s house empty-handed, whether that means bringing a bottle of wine, a side dish/dessert, or a little gift acknowledging my appreciation for someone else’s effort.

We had Easter at my in-laws’ house this year and I wanted to bring a little something for my mom-in-law!


I purchased the succulent from Home Depot, and these little bucket tins are everywhere these days.  😉  Check the Dollar Spot at Target and I guarantee you you’ll find a few, and in different colors, too.  I just transferred the succulent to the tin, then found some fun ribbon I liked in my stash and hot glued a dot in the back, and a dot on either side, then tied a knot.  The bunny “tag” is actually a banner (that has made an appearance here and here) that I have been using throughout the season for little gifts like this.  I still have one banner tucked away in my Spring bin for future use, but I figured I could spare one in the name of simple crafting!  😉  I just cut around the bunny in an imperfect oval shape and made a little hole by poking my scissors through the burlap, then tied it on.  Super easy.

I hope you have the best weekend.  It really is the little things, isn’t it?!  🙂  I’ll see you back here next week!

Sweet Salvage: Color Story

Hey, guys!  Last Friday I got to take a little break in my day and head over to Sweet Salvage for their Color Story event.  I’ve written about Sweet Salvage a couple of times (here, and here) but essentially it is a once a month vintage market that is only open for four days.  The displays are amazing, there is always a theme, and there is always TONS of inspiration.

I try to go to all of these events, I’m just bad at snapping pictures of them always!  😉  This particular market was all about color stories, so the antiques were arranged in themes of color.  There was plenty of Spring inspiration and even a little bit of Summer thrown in for good measure.

I think my two biggest inspirational takeaways from this market are 1) Using trophy urns as a way to house greenery, beads, or layer with glass domes and 2) Using antlers mixed with Spring decor — greenery, antlers, zinc pots… it turns out, they’re not just for Fall!  (See how I used an antler with some Summer decor here!).

The pictures are quick iPhone snaps, but enjoy the inspiration — there is a lot to love.  🙂





















Blue and White Foreva

Mark D. Sikes… the king of blue and white.  If you’re on Pinterest actively pinning interior design inspiration, chances are you have seen one or more of his designs.  His work is utter blue and white perfection.

There’s something about a blue and white color combination that I have always been drawn to.  For me personally, I am really inspired by Asian-influenced blue and white antiques or replicas.  I have been infusing some of these accents into our living room, so I wanted to share.

Former Side Table

It all really started with this side table.  I like it — and it does have some Asian influence, as it is sort of a faux-gilded bamboo style.  But I was walking through HomeGoods one evening and saw a blue and white garden stool on deep, dark, dirty discount.  I committed the cardinal sin of shopping at HomeGoods and left without the stool…you know, the one that was on major sale…and then proceeded to think about it for the next two days.

I asked Grey what he thought about adding a little blue and white to the space, and he was all for it.  So after staying up for half the night praying that by some stroke of luck the stool I wanted was still there, I woke up bright and early the next day and got to HomeGoods when they opened.

I had a mirror that I was going to be returning (too small), so armed with that, I walked down the clearance furniture aisle…

And you guys, the stool was still there.  And it had been further marked down… From $50, to $30.  !!!!!

Garden Stool Top

Garden Stool Vignette

I love it with the zebra rug.  So.  Much.  It just has a really casual vibe that I appreciate in this space.  Plus it doubles as seating.  The other table is still in that spot in the background — it’s not bugging me there, and I don’t really know what to put on it at this point, but it’s fine for now.

Blue and White Living Room

That orchid is pretty epic and my husband picked it out at Trader Joe’s.  The pot that it is in is one that I bought from an antique shop ages ago.  It’s what started this whole blue and white thing for me!

Cachepot with Lid

This cachepot was another steal from HomeGoods…I think I paid $12 for it.  It has a cute lid, or…

Cachepot with Flowers

It looks especially pretty with hydrangeas.  🙂

All of these blue and white shenanigans prompted some rearranging (my favorite!)…

Lamp in Kitchen

I moved the living room lamp into the kitchen, which I am super excited about because I have always loved the look of soft lamp lighting on a buffet.  This piece of furniture was a Walmart find and stores a bunch of stuff — all of my husband’s pipe accessories and tobaccos, plus all of my Spode dishes.  It’s so nice to eat in here and have just the lamp and the chandelier on while it’s dusk and we’re having dinner.

Lamp in Living Room

This space needed a lamp, so I brought this one out of my office and I really like it.  I feel like it adds just a touch of masculinity that the living room needed after adding the feminine touches of blue and white!

Are you loving blue and white as much as I am?

Easter Lunch

Last weekend was so busy, but we spent so much time with family, which made it great.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  We spent ours with my in-laws this year and although the holiday has passed, I have to show you the lunch that my mom-in-law put on for all of us — there is so much inspiration to share!  🙂

Tables View

There were quite a few people at the lunch, and also included were two kiddos, so plenty of seating was needed.  This is one of the covered areas of their outdoor space, and there is usually some nest seating here.  My in-laws changed the ‘room’ around to accommodate two tables, and have the lounge seating nearby the dining tables for extended hanging out.  Isn’t that farmhouse table amazing?

Long Table Place Setting

This was what the place setting looked like for the long table.  I love that my mom-in-law used these paper plates as chargers, and had white heavy-duty plastic plates up at the buffet line for food.  The ‘silverware’ is also plastic, but it fooled me until I picked it up.  😉  Some of the placemats were ruffled, like this one, and others were made out of the same material but were flat.  And how cute is the napkin and napkin ring?  Those napkin rings make an appearance each Easter, and she tucked in a couple of sticks, plus the flower, which has a sticky back.

Long Table Centerpiece

The centerpiece was amazing for this table.  A moss runner started the layering process, and then more moss was added for even more texture.  Eggs, the sticky flowers, bunnies, birds nests, moss-covered sticks, an egg crate, and a birdcage with roses cut from the backyard created this gorgeous Springy centerpiece.

Round Table

This was the other dining table that guests could use out on the patio.  I really liked the rug layered underneath!  Made it feel nice and cozy.  😉

Round Table Place Setting

I love this place setting, too — different napkins, a gingham bow, green ribbon, and a sticky flower.  🙂

Round Table Centerpiece

Aren’t those lettuce “leaves” cool?  I love them paired with the flower in the center.  Cute little egg cups and a porcelain bunny, plus matching gingham ribbon complete the centerpiece.

Fireplace Decor

Food 1

The meal that we had was Greek-inspired, so there was lamb, pita, hummus, cucumber salad, orzo salad, tzatziki, olives…  And then there was also ham, potato salad, and coleslaw.  Some of the food had little labels listing what the dishes were, and the stands for the labels were tiny faux wood tree stumps — ridiculously cute!

Drink Station

There was also a drink station, with a large tub of glass water bottles, ice bucket, cups and faux bois straws, iced tea, and my favorite thing — stickers so that we could put our initials on our cup to keep track of it.

Dessert Table

Mini Cheesecakes

Inside there was a dessert table FILLED with treats.  Jordan almonds, M&M’s, peanut butter eggs, carrot cake, and mini cheesecakes.  No one could choose so we all pretty much had a little bit of everything.  😉

Grey and Me

My mom-in-law seriously outdid herself.  It was such a beautiful day surrounded by all the people we love, and she really made it extra special with all of the time that she took to make it so amazing.  I hope you had a beautiful Easter, too!