Summertime Happiness

Hey there.  🙂  Since I’ve got my spiffy new camera, I thought I would go around the house and take some better pictures of the Summer decor that we’ve got goin’ on.  It was so fun putting all of these little vignettes together, and I was surprised by how much I had packed away.  But let’s be real — all you really need for a good Summer vignette is sand and seashells.  It’s probably the least expensive season to decorate for — ha!

Side Table Shell Centerpiece

Side Table Shell Centerpiece Tall

Coffee Table Treasures

Coffee Table Treasures 2

Coffee Table Jar

Kitchen Centerpiece

Kitchen Centerpiece 2

Summer Scenes

Hey there!  In case you didn’t realize from yesterday’s post, for my birthday I got an awesome camera so that I don’t have to take pictures on my phone for the blog anymore!  😉  It’s very exciting.  I’m still learning how to use it but so far so good.  When we were at my in-laws’ house on Saturday, I got to photograph some of my mom-in-law’s Summer decor, and of course I have to share.


I love this wreath and it did double-duty for Spring and now Summer.  During the Spring months there was a cute little bird on it, and my mom-in-law just took that off and added these shells for the warmer months.  The faux boxwood wreath she bought on Amazon, I believe.

Foyer Centerpiece

Here’s the foyer scene.  🙂  I love how this area is always decorated because there’s just something about coming into the house through the front door and seeing something so pretty that makes me happy.

Foyer Centerpiece Details

Foyer Centerpiece Details 2

All kinds of pretty details, but as you can see, a good apothecary jar is something that you can never have too many of.  😉

Shell Candles

This little urn gets updated for each season, and I love this rendition with white rocks and some shells.

Library Centerpiece

This is the library centerpiece — faux pearl strands, shells, and candles!  I also love how my mom-in-law tied a white string around a silver dollar and decorated one of the candles with it.  A great example of using what you have!

Brick Room Centerpiece Tall

Brick Room Centerpiece Wide

And of course, my favorite room, the brick room…  🙂

Brick Room Centerpiece Details

Starfish, a ceramic shell (it’s huge!), crystal, candles, and petite rocks.

Brick Room Centerpiece Details 2

Have you decorated for Summer yet?  What do you like to use in your vignettes?


Good morning to you.  🙂  This past weekend I spent some time with my in-laws at their house celebrating my 28th birthday, which is this Tuesday.  I’ve gotta tell you guys… 28 feels good.


We moved in with my in-laws when I was just 25, and this will be my first birthday in our new house.  To say that feels incredibly special to me and that I just feel like the blessings have been poured over me would be the understatement of my life.  My in-laws gave us a place to rest and work hard, a safe place to connect with one another, and the gift of creating a deeper relationship with us that I treasure and keep so close to my heart now.  If moving into their home had the sole purpose of giving us an unbreakable bond and a strong relationship, I would do it all over again.

Flowers 1

I am surrounded by so much love, it’s unbelievable sometimes.  How is this my life?  I think that all the time.  And I still feel pain and heartbreak and loss, but the year 27 has been the year that I feel so blessed every time I feel sad or immense happiness because to feel is to live.  27 was the year of living for me.

Kuma 1

It’s really the little things in life that make me happy these days…  puttering around my house, making my bed, Sunday morning coffee in my Harry Potter mug, snuggling with my husband in the middle of the day, fresh flowers of any kind, my sweet pupper’s frothy lips, my nephew saying, “Garia, I love you!” (although that is a very big thing — the best kind of big thing)…

Flowers 2

Kuma 2

I’m happy.  And it feels good.  I have worked hard to feel this happy — I have walked through the muck and the dark places.  I have explored my insides and learned, listened, leaned in.  It’s a wonderful thing to feel.

Flowers 3

PS: Sending out a birthday wish to my momma!  I love you!

Summer As a Feeling

Good morning!  Happy First Day of Summer to you.  🙂  Yesterday was pretty epic — temperatures in Arizona reached 120 degrees…it was a hot one!

Summer… Things that speak Summer to me are pretty simple…  Stripes, lots of texture, crisp vegetables, berries, flowy blouses, patriotic patterns, and soothing blue palettes.  This time of year really is all about effortlessness, right?  Relaxation, recharging, inspiration, and a slower pace.

This is Summer as a feeling…to me.  🙂


Original Source Unknown


Original Source Unknown


Velvet & Linen


Canelle Et Vanille


Belen Hostalet


Traditional Home


Rue Daily


Camilla Pihl

Sarah Bartholomew residence, entryway console table and bone mirror detail

Southern Living


Blue Print Store


Elle Decor


Traditional Home


Satori Design for Living


Amber Interiors


House Beautiful

Have a great Wednesday!

Summer Centerpiece

Good morning, friends.  Happy Monday to you.  🙂

This is the time of year when a slower pace starts to settle in and mostly in Arizona, you really just want to stay indoors…or go somewhere fun and use someone else’s free air conditioning.  😉  We will be going on a couple of trips in the coming weeks so it may be a little bit quiet around here while we enjoy.  We’re so looking forward to getting out of this heat!

Summer continues around our house with simple vignettes here and there — mostly with things I already had from our previous apartments that were packed away.

Kitchen Table

I love this domed cake plate and I’ve used it for more than just cakes — here and here!  🙂  So it just made sense to add some sand and shells to it, plus a starfish that I found at Sweet Salvage for $5.

Kitchen Table 2

The candles I bought at HomeGoods in a pack — that’s the best place to buy those little ones as they are much less expensive than the Target and even the Walmart packs!

We’re feelin’ all beachy in our cute little house and that’s keeping us happy, but we are so looking forward to Fall.  Don’t tell anyone.  😉

Summer Decorating Ideas

Happy almost-Friday, guys!  Today I’m sharing some ideas from my Summer Pinterest board that I love.  I don’t really use Pinterest as a way to copy exactly what other decorators and designers do, more as a way to get myself inspired for the season!  But there are so many beautiful ideas out there and I wanted to share in case you’re looking for some inspiration, too.


Wedding Sparrow

Look closely on that table — can you see the seashell holding the tealight candle?  I think that is brilliant.  So pretty for a table setting — whether simple or elaborate.


Starfish Cottage

I love how just that little bit of textural rope adds such a coastal vibe to this display.  Candles, seashells, hydrangeas, and a tray create this beautiful table vignette.  And the all-white palette is really speaking to me.


Studio McGee

When in doubt, just add a big piece of coral!  Something large and statement-y like that is perfect as a stand-alone (depending on the size) or atop a stack of books.


My Soulful Home

With the silver, I’m sure that you can guess that this is right up my alley.  😉  And I think it must be said that hydrangeas really are the most Summer-y flower, right?  Sometimes just a few seashells are enough.



Adding some fresh (or faux) citrus to your vignette is another way to bring Summer to the table.  It’s really the simplest things for this season.


Pier 1

When in doubt — just add lots of blue and white.  And coral and shells, of course.  Textural elements like sisal and burlap go a long way, too.  And mercury glass!  Another great Summer element that also transitions well to Fall and Winter.


Kara’s Party Ideas

I think this is absolutely adorable, and perfect for a Summer fiesta!  I’ve been trying to find pretty cans like these, though, and I just can’t!  Where did she find such fun ones?!  I’m thinking WholeFoods or Sprouts may be the best place to look.