DIY Flying Bat Halloween Wreath

DIY Flying Bat Halloween Wreath {Details Blog}

…And just like that, it’s spooky season!  One of my best friends and I each made one of these cute Halloween wreaths for our front door.  She has a Cricut (which is definitely on my Christmas list this year…  Santa, are you listening?  :-)) and she was kind of enough to cut out these bats for us!  We bought the cardstock when we went out to buy the supplies for these wreaths and then she came over the following evening to craft.  The grapevine wreaths are from JoAnn’s — we each purchased these with a coupon, because grapevine wreaths can get expensive!

DIY Flying Bat Halloween Wreath {Details Blog}

It’s definitely a super simple and quick DIY once the bats are cut out.  I bent the wings slightly so that they would pop out a bit.  You could add more, for sure, but I opted for a bit of a “less is more” look.  We both hot glued them — that was the easiest way to get them on there and so far none have fallen off.  In Arizona it doesn’t start getting cool until right about now and this wreath has been on our door since early September (lol, don’t judge), but none of the bats have melted off, so that was good news for me!  The twinkle lights I have stocked up on over the years from the Target Dollar Spot.  😉  We both wrapped those around the wreath and wired the switch in the back of the wreath with craft wire.

DIY Flying Bat Halloween Wreath {Details Blog}

Our front porch is all Halloween ready now!  I don’t like anything that is too much work for our decor — especially out front.  Simple is best for us.  I painted that sign last year at a local crafting class (which was such a fun experience!) and I added the spider with a sticky pop up dot.  That planter still has dirt in it from previous plants, lol, but for now I piled in a bunch of faux leaves that I bought in a pack at Goodwill for $1 and a glass hurricane with a battery-operated candle inside for extra glow.  There are twinkle lights in the leaves, too.  Because you can never have too many twinkle lights!  😉

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