Simplicity inspires me.  Whether I am shopping my house, gathering people together for a meal, or puttering on a Monday morning, there is peace at the heart of it.  I love to wander around our humble home and find new things and projects and things to do.


My favorite mornings are the ones where I don’t even get out of my pj’s — just spent organizing, or creating a yummy stovetop scent, or a new vignette on a tabletop.


…Or waiting for this guy to hop out of our bed so I can make it!  😉 — I wouldn’t dare make him move on my behalf!


I strive for hospitality.  Making people feel welcome.  Loving the home I have and the things / animals / people in it.


Of course, it’s the people within it that make a house a home.  Here is my home.


Thank you for finding your way here.  I hope to make this a cozy spot.  Grab a cup of coffee and come on in.  🙂


P.S. — Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at details.azinteriordesign@gmail.com if you have any questions!