Summer Wreath-Making

My brother’s girlfriend is awesome.  Let’s just start with that.  We got together for a little wreath-making party a few weeks ago to make some Summer cuteness for our doors.  They both turned out very different, but they’re both summery in their own way.  😉

Julia was inspired by the floral department of the craft store.  She has an awesome table that acts as a potting bench outside her front door with tons of beautiful succulents, and she wanted something that would really complement that.

Julia's Wreath - Beginning

Julia's Wreath - Beginning 2

I’ve talked before about my love affair with grapevine wreaths and how they make such a pretty statement for each season.  And the great thing is, if you’re using faux flowers, you can just cut them from the larger stems, place them where you want, and when the season is over, you can take them out and re-use the wreath form.

Julia Action - 1

Julia Action 2

You need pretty decent wire cutters in order to make this easy on your hands.  Typically regular old scissors don’t cut these blooms.  Then just get to placing!

Julia's Wreath - Progress

Julia is an incredible artist.  I love how her wreath looks like something from a floral designer.  It was really fun watching her be creative with the placement of the stems and flowers.  And that faux succulent stem was a really awesome find.

Julia's Wreath - Finished on Table

Julia’s finished wreath… Gorgeous, huh?

My Wreath - Beginning

Back in one of our old apartments, I made a wreath really similar to this.  I just used a hot glue gun to glue on the shells that I wanted.  The starfish add a little bit of interest that I love.

My Wreath - Progress

I burnt myself at least twice while doing this.  The little clamshell-type ones were so hard to get on there without getting glue all over my fingers.  And just a quick tip — If you have larger items that you are placing on the wreath (like the starfish), place those where you want them first and then nestle in everything else around it.

My Wreath - Finished on Table

My Wreath - Detail

This wreath feels like Summer to me.  I love driving up to our house and seeing it on our door.  …Gives me the warm and fuzzies.  🙂

My Wreath - On Door

How Far We’ve Come

I love before and after pictures, don’t you?  Although, at least for me, a space is never “done,” it just evolves and keeps evolving.  But I was looking through some old photos the other day and I stumbled upon some from our first week in our house.  It’s slightly empty, but I love the way even those old photos look.  We’ve only been here about seven months but we have loved on our house and we’ve made it ours.  It’s the greatest gift!

Before 1

Before 2

These are our ‘befores‘ — complete with paint on the back wall in the picture above where we covered up a doggy door.

Before 3

Before 4

Still so cozy.  We didn’t have a lot but what we did have, we loved.

Living Room Tall

Living Room Wide

Blue and White Vignette

Living Room Pillows

Before 5

Even this little vignette has a fresh update…

Coffee Table Treasures 2

Coffee Station

Pipe Station


And then there’s our bedroom…




So fun to take a look back!  🙂  This has been such a fun process and I’m just lucky that I have a husband who lets me make the design decisions — he lets me have all the fun!  😉

Summertime Happiness

Hey there.  🙂  Since I’ve got my spiffy new camera, I thought I would go around the house and take some better pictures of the Summer decor that we’ve got goin’ on.  It was so fun putting all of these little vignettes together, and I was surprised by how much I had packed away.  But let’s be real — all you really need for a good Summer vignette is sand and seashells.  It’s probably the least expensive season to decorate for — ha!

Side Table Shell Centerpiece

Side Table Shell Centerpiece Tall

Coffee Table Treasures

Coffee Table Treasures 2

Coffee Table Jar

Kitchen Centerpiece

Kitchen Centerpiece 2

Summer Centerpiece

Good morning, friends.  Happy Monday to you.  🙂

This is the time of year when a slower pace starts to settle in and mostly in Arizona, you really just want to stay indoors…or go somewhere fun and use someone else’s free air conditioning.  😉  We will be going on a couple of trips in the coming weeks so it may be a little bit quiet around here while we enjoy.  We’re so looking forward to getting out of this heat!

Summer continues around our house with simple vignettes here and there — mostly with things I already had from our previous apartments that were packed away.

Kitchen Table

I love this domed cake plate and I’ve used it for more than just cakes — here and here!  🙂  So it just made sense to add some sand and shells to it, plus a starfish that I found at Sweet Salvage for $5.

Kitchen Table 2

The candles I bought at HomeGoods in a pack — that’s the best place to buy those little ones as they are much less expensive than the Target and even the Walmart packs!

We’re feelin’ all beachy in our cute little house and that’s keeping us happy, but we are so looking forward to Fall.  Don’t tell anyone.  😉

Seashells and Special Things

I’ve written before about our coffee table’s array of special things, so it was really fun to add some Summer details to the display.  🙂

Coffee Table Vignette 2

Coffee Table Vignette

This silver bowl is one of my favorite things in our house.  It is so versatile.  I found it in an antique shop while we were living with my in-laws and I was always dreaming about using it to decorate in our future house.  It is a reminder to me of how blessed we are.

I added some shells to the rocks in the top and then added some sand to the bottom with some more shells.  Decorating for Summer truly is so simple — it requires little effort!  I love that.  🙂  Simplicity before the abundance of Fall and Winter (although I am already looking forward to another Christmas in our home!  —One thing at a time!)

Breakin’ Out the Summer Decor

Happy Monday, friends!  Things have been great, but busy!  We are in preparation mode for two vacations that we will be taking in the next few weeks, work has kept me busy, and the house stuff has kind of taken a backseat while I get outfits together, etc. for our trips.  🙂  I broke out the Summer decor a few weeks ago and I have been really loving the abundance of seashells in our home!

When we lived in our apartments (before we moved in with Grey’s parents in order to save up for our house) I never really decorated for Summer.  But once we started living with my in-laws, I remember being blown away by how pretty my mom-in-law’s Summer decorations were…and she always used really simple ‘ingredients.’  Basically all you need are pretty vessels (whatever is special to you), sand, and seashells — and those are super inexpensive at any craft store.  You can see some of the Summer decor from my time at that house here, here, here, and here.

I was so excited to break out our Summer stuff and since it started to get so hot in May, I figured I would just go for it!  I’ll be sharing little bits of it over this week.  I also have the pieces and parts to make a wreath but I just haven’t had the time to work on it yet.  Soon!  🙂

Side Table Vignette

Pardon the ice cubes in the bowl…I was watering my plants, lol.

Side Table Vignette 2

Isn’t that little silver dish pretty?  I found it during my last trip to Sweet Salvage.  It had to come home with me, and I pictured using it just for this purpose.  🙂  I love when that happens.  I just poured a little bit of sand in the bottom of the dish and then started arranging the shells.  There’s really no rhyme or reason to it, I just place, adjust, and keep doing that until it feels right.

Coffee Table

Our coffee table has some Summery things on it that I am loving now — including a giant white seashell bowl that I am keeping our remotes in (instead of the silver one that we typically use).

Napkins and Jar

This little glass jar was another find from my last trip to Sweet Salvage.  I got lucky that day!  😉  I love how the base of it is hollow so the sand can go all the way to the bottom.  I can’t wait to use this for more holidays — I felt like this was such a great find.  Can’t you just see it with a nest and a bird for Spring?!  The blue and white bowl is new and is a family antique that was sent to us by our Aunt Lulu — she knew I had a blue and white theme going on!  And you know how I have been loving festive cocktail napkins for drinks.  I thought these were really pretty and couldn’t pass them up at HomeGoods.

Have a great day!  And as it is Memorial Day, let’s all just take the day to focus on our gratefulness to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can be safe and free.