Welcome to Summer :-)

It’s been a joyful season of growth, opportunity, and real happiness since the start of the New Year.  Not every day has been great, of course, but there is a new peace that I have come to know that I am reveling in.  There has been a slower pace in the projects around the house and even my typical abundant-decorating for each season has come to a pause.  It’s been a wonderful thing to bring out Spring eggs and Summer seashells sparingly this year because I am truly enjoying simpler nods to each season — namely lots of plants that I have been taking really good care of and lots of good texture.

This is the perfect time for nesting rituals that make you feel mindful of the season because they allow you to really experience it!  For me, this can be as simple as tucking away our Limoges china that I pull out each Spring and shining up our Summer glassware.  🙂

Welcome to Summer :-) {Details Blog}

A Sentimental Spring Table Setting

Welcome to Summer :-) {Details Blog}

With all of the fresh fruit in abundance this time of year, I’ve felt inspired to do a little bit of early-morning baking.  This blueberry cake recipe from Ina Garten is delicious and super easy to make — and quick enough for a weekday morning.

Welcome to Summer :-) {Details Blog}

Textural table runners and baskets, happy plants thriving in sunshine, the occasional seashell or two… this is what Summer feels like to me this year.

Welcome to Summer :-) {Details Blog}

This little wreath took no time at all — I just wrapped wire around the starfish and the wreath, tucked the wire in the greenery so that you can’t see it, and called it good.  Our front door makes me so happy.  We recently added some wind chimes and our planter is filled with bright green potato vine that is spilling out in the most graceful way.  I love going outside to give it a little water at the start of my day each morning.

Welcome to Summer :-) {Details Blog}

Welcome to Summer :-) {Details Blog}

So far, there have been lots of Summer snoozes for this guy, too.  I’ve been filling all of his spots with all the cozy textures I can and he seems to love them!

How do you nest for Summer?  What feels like Summer to you?  Let me know in the comments!  🙂

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