Houston, We Have a Bed!

Well, the bed came…and it came on a pallet…that would barely fit in my garage…  That was an interesting day.

But the bed is finally in our bedroom, beautifully put together (thanks to my sweet, handsome hubby and his awesome partner from work), and I am in love.


You should have seen my face when this came into the bedroom…  It’s supposed to have nailheads!  They forgot the nailheads!  That’s the first thing I said.  😉  That’s where patience comes in handy — this bed came in a few pieces and the nailhead “wings” hadn’t been brought inside yet.  This is where I hear my Gramma saying to me, “Patience is a virtue, Maria!

Tufting and Color

But check out that button tufting!  It’s perfect!  And the color… I’m so happy that I decided to go with the beige rather than the gray.  It’s super neutral so I feel like it will really stand the test of time (or rather my ever-evolving tastes.  That’s what I’m choosing to call my fickle design sensibilities).


Bed 2

It is a fact that I have never had a bed that is this nice…ever…in my life.  Grey and I crawl into bed each night and spend the first five minutes in bed talking about how luxurious it feels, lol.  Real romantic conversations going on in our bedroom these days.  😉  But seriously, there is just something about having a bed like this that makes our bedroom feel, well, like a bedroom!  Keep in mind that we’ve been sleeping on a mattress and box spring since Day 1 in our new house — and we moved in five months ago!


The pillows look great with the color of the bed, and I am keeping my eyes peeled for a throw blanket or matelassé quilt in the same color as the blue on the background of the pillows for the foot of the bed.  I’m also wondering if I want to have one drapery panel on each window in that blue, too — bringing that color all around the room.  Still undecided.


Our box spring is currently in our garage — we’re trying to figure out something fun to do with the wood since the bed didn’t need it.  And it doesn’t feel like we’re sleeping too low, which is great since I don’t love a low platform bed.  Right now we’re tucking in our duvet all around the sides for a really simple and tailored look.  The duvet cover is from Ikea so obviously doesn’t have gussetts to fit over the corners of the footboard — someday I will have custom bedding that will fit completely perfectly!  😉

Side Tables

Once the bed was here, I was even happier that I decided to purchase these lucite nesting tables — the bedroom really needs the negative space and so far, they’re working out great for us.

There are still some more projects we want to do for this room but they’re taking a backseat right now while we switch to saving up some spending money for our vacations we are taking this Summer rather than pricey home decor projects.  We budgeted $1,000 for this room and once we hit that mark, we capped it off and will do more when $$ permits.  For now, it is so wonderful to sleep in here every night — and glimpsing this room from the hallway, or the living room — it’s a dream!

Thanks so much for following along with us as we transform this space.  🙂

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