A Bedroom Design Evolution Story

Hi, friends!  How is your Wednesday going?  I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day tomorrow with my sweetie.  Do you celebrate the day?  We just like to make it a day to remember how grateful we are for one another.  We keep it very simple.

It’s been a hot minute since I shared anything about our bedroom!  I will admit that I have taken a bunch of photos of that space but the lighting in there is so tricky and there has been a time or two that I have had to re-take all of the photos.  Made me a little bit crazy!  But I was determined and I finally have a bedroom update for you today.

A Bedroom Design Evolution Story {Details Blog}

This is the bedroom design we have been enjoying for the past many months.  I have to say…it feels like a dream.  I feel like I constantly have to pinch myself because this is mine.  It’s nothing fancy at all, but it is the prettiest bedroom I have ever had.  Grey and I have lived together for nine years total, and our bedroom was never decorated while we lived in apartments before this.  We lived with his parents for a couple of years while we saved up for this house, so of course our spaces were pretty.  But this is the first bedroom that we have ever had that is all ours that is a true retreat.  You know how it is…  When you’re super young and just starting out, newly married, you don’t have anything!  Rooms get neglected.  And too often that room is your bedroom!  But let’s take a look back at where we started…

A Bedroom Design Evolution Story {Details Blog}

This was how our bedroom looked when we moved in, and it stayed like this for about six months.  Our mattress was just on the ground.  We did not care!  We had a home of our own and I truly wanted to make this space just the way that we wanted so I was willing to wait for the things that I thought were perfect.  A really wise friend of mine advised me to do that, and I’m so glad that I did.  See Grey’s phone charging cord on his side of the bed?  Yes, no nightstands, lol!  We would bring coasters in here and put our water on the floor.  It didn’t matter.  🙂

A Bedroom Design Evolution Story {Details Blog}

In May of 2017, we finally bought a bed.  I blogged about that here.  We bought some pillows, a white duvet cover, a pair of lamps, and some lucite nesting tables.  We hung drapes.  Now we were getting somewhere!  But the lucite nesting tables quickly became a catch-all for clutter (and dust!  oh, the dust!).  The table lamps didn’t feel right to me — they were nowhere near tall enough.  This is when I realized we are rarely happy with things that we buy on impulse because we feel an urge to “finish” something.  It’s always better when things find us.  I bought a quilt that matched the pillows nicely — it became a pretty room.  But I started feeling the urge to make it more of a neutral space — more textural, less of a commitment to a certain color.  So I sold some of the pillows on OfferUp, relocated some of the others, sent my husband off to work with the lucite nesting tables, and we lived with less again.

A Bedroom Design Evolution Story {Details Blog}

These pillows got me excited.  The shaggy grey pillow with silver lurex strands; the hair on hide metallic pillow… they made me smile.  They’re whimsical!  I found the quilt many weeks later on a random trip to HomeGoods.  We bought a pair of vintage nightstands that had been painted and refurbished on OfferUp for $100 — a lucky find.  They are cream-colored and just so lovely.  We switched out the hardware to make them more ‘us.’

A Bedroom Design Evolution Story {Details Blog}

The lamps are huge!  They’re actually buffet lamps and didn’t work out for a client because we found something better for them.  They match perfectly with the fabric on the bed.  🙂  See what I mean about waiting?!  It truly is an evolution.  Hanging above our bed is a print that was in every single apartment and home that my Gramma lived in that I can remember.  It’s a 1920’s-style jazz club scene and there is a swanky lady by a piano — she always told me that when she died, she would be that lady in the picture, and that she wanted me to have it.  I treasure it so much!

A Bedroom Design Evolution Story {Details Blog}

I get so much joy seeing how much this little guy loves this room so much, too.  It makes me feel like we did good.  This is where he hangs out most of the day.  He loves to bury his face in the covers; I love to wrap him up in the furry “blankie.”

We don’t have anything on the walls except for the print above our bed.  Hopefully someday some art will find me!  I’m not someone who likes to go and seek out art for our home.  Our spaces are all pretty eclectic and I like it that way.  Let go and let things find you!  If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the process of furnishing and decorating our home, it’s that I am always happier and completely content with how a space looks when I wait for the perfect thing.  100% of the time.  Let your home be an evolution and you will always enjoy the process of creating it.

A Bedroom Design Evolution Story {Details Blog}

3 thoughts on “A Bedroom Design Evolution Story

  1. What a great story, Maria! We seldom get to retrace our decorating steps, to see how far we’ve come. I love your description of how you came to the beautiful bedroom you have today!! And, your adorable Kuma takes the cake!


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