DIY Valentine’s Day ‘Table Runner’

Happy Monday, friends!  After a busy weekend, I wasn’t quite ready for the week to start.  But here we are, ready or not!

DIY Valentine's Day Table Runner {Details Blog}

Welcome to our kitchen.  🙂  After last week’s post, you know that I love a good, festive garland.  Give me a mirror or a chalkboard, some scotch tape, and a cute garland and you can be sure what I am going to do with it!

DIY Valentine's Day Table Runner {Details Blog}

I totally cheated and made a DIY Valentine’s Day ‘table runner.’  But I didn’t sew anything!  I bought the heart fabric (1.5 yards) and heart tulle on super sale at JoAnn’s (plus used a coupon) and decided to try my hand at the iron-on hemming tape.  Usually when I buy fabric for a table runner, I basically just fold it the way that I want it to lay and call it good.  But I wanted a step up this time!  😉

Like I said, I tried the iron-on hemming tape.  But it did not work for me.  Maybe my iron was too hot?  I could not figure it out.  So I used some heavy-duty fabric glue and just glued it the way that I wanted it to be.  I’m hopeful that I will get a sewing machine in 2019.  I think it’s time!  For the pom poms, I used this YouTube tutorial and then I glued them with a few strands of the pom pom yarn onto the corners of the table runner.  The pom poms were so easy to make, I have been making them like crazy and putting them all over our house.  I guess I am the nutty pom pom lady now, lol.

DIY Valentine's Day Table Runner {Details Blog}

The tulle was a little something extra that I found that I thought would look really cute bunched up down the center of the table.  I love it!  It adds another textural and dimensional element that I think looks really fun.

DIY Valentine's Day Table Runner {Details Blog}

I have a few of these small mismatched glasses that I use for all kinds of things.  These came from a local store and they are so delicate — I love them so much!  I sprinkled the table with a few for a nice nighttime glow.

DIY Valentine's Day Table Runner {Details Blog}

And, of course, I used a little bit of the leftover lip candy from our coffee table centerpiece to decorate the table.  Although, I must admit, these are gone now.  We got hungry.  Lol.

DIY Valentine's Day Table Runner {Details Blog}

I bought a big bunch of tulips from Trader Joe’s and used half of them for the coffee table and half for this centerpiece.  You just can’t go wrong with pink during the month of February!

I hope you all have a great day!

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