Simple Sunday Brunch

Hey there!  I hope you have been having a great week.  🙂  I am excited for the weekend — I think I’m going to pull out some Valentine’s Day decorations.  It feels like a good time to do that — I feel ready!

A couple of Sundays ago, we had Grey’s family over for a simple brunch and we had such a great time.  Our house is pretty small, so the first challenge was to figure out a way that we could all be in the same room, sitting down, enjoying the food — I wanted everyone to have a place to sit and set their plate and coffee cups down.  Enter…the card table!

Simple Sunday Brunch {Details Blog}

We have a rectangular card table that I bought around Christmastime that helped us so much with our winter baking and also the dinner party we had with my parents.  I knew that this space would work so much better if we had a square card table, though, so I bought another one.  If there’s one thing I learned from my sweet Gramma it’s that these tables will always come in handy!

Simple Sunday Brunch {Details Blog}

Our cozy chair usually sits in this spot but I simply switched around the room for this to work for us.  The card table is essentially where our Christmas tree was this past year.  🙂  I love to dress tables up with scrap yards of fabric and I did that with this table, too.  I laid the fabric over the top and tied the ends with twine to keep them tucked.

Simple Sunday Brunch {Details Blog}

Kraft paper makes the best runner.  🙂  Especially when you want to be able to draw!  I knew people would have fun with this, and they did!  Funny story about these flowers, though — I bought them at Trader Joe’s and thought they were so cute, but I didn’t smell them before I purchased them.  When I was setting up the tables later that day, I realized that they smelled so bad — like feet!  I had to use them sparingly, lol.  This is a cute little tea set that my Grammie gave to me for Christmas and I put the flowers inside with a little bit of water.

Simple Sunday Brunch {Details Blog}

The lazy Susan is something I found at HomeGoods, and I’m so excited that I did!  I am already dreaming up other ways that I can use this.

Simple Sunday Brunch {Details Blog}

Simple Sunday Brunch {Details Blog}

I set up the coffee and mimosa station in our living room on our buffet for convenience.  I love to layer, layer, layer, and cake stands are always good for that!

Simple Sunday Brunch {Details Blog}

The food buffet was set up on our kitchen table and I kept the brunch super simple — these quick cinnamon rolls, this egg casserole, and my sis-in-law and her family brought a yummy fruit salad.  My in-laws brought the ingredients for the mimosas.  😉

Simple Sunday Brunch {Details Blog}

Kraft paper made it so easy to label the different foods and kept things super casual.  I love that this table looked really elegant but also very simple.

Simple Sunday Brunch {Details Blog}

Simple Sunday Brunch {Details Blog}

For this table, I layered the kraft paper with a bunching of some more scrap fabric that I have.  I found some pretty greens at Trader Joes and spread those in the middle of the table (kind of like I did with the eucalyptus leaves here), and then I weaved in some tinkle lights.  Because I think everything is better with twinkle lights.  🙂

Use what you have when you host gatherings in your home.  I don’t have a lot of things that match, I just improvise with what I do have.  I think the mismatched makes things look more casual and more fun.  When you are dealing with a tight space, try to think of easy ways that you can add seating in the room — garden stools, ottomans, cozy floor pillows.  These are all 100% acceptable in my book.  The point is to gather together and make memories!

Have a great weekend!  I took some photos of our master bedroom progress (finally!) and will be sharing those with you next week!

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