Welcoming Spring

Spring is off to a steady start in our home with amazing new work opportunities, lots of inspiration, a mix of fast and slow pace, and squeezing in as much time together as we can in the midst of all of the business.  We are hanging in there, people!


I’ve pared down a lot of the decor in our house for now (pretty much since after Christmas) and I am loving having less out.  Usually this time of year I have so many decorations for Spring and I just felt like doing things a lot simpler this year.  I’ve become a plant lady!  We have lots of thriving plants throughout our house now and I don’t know what took me so long!  Flowers die… our plants are ALIVE!



That fiddle leaf in the corner is fake, by the way.  I’m not that good…yet.  😉 I pull out the Limoges when my Spring mood strikes each year.  An amazing friend of mine gave this to me several years ago and I treasure it so much.  It was her mother’s.  ❤ I don’t take out all service for twelve, and I don’t take out every type of plate or bowl — just the basics.  We like to eat off of the dishes while sitting on the sofa at our coffee table.  I usually light some candles and we eat on our laps.  And with a slipcovered sofa we don’t even have to worry about pasta sauce.  🙂




The copper pot for our stovetop scents has been put away until Fall, and out comes my Spring teapot.  😉  I’m ready for some fresh dish towels, too.  We’ll see what I find in the coming weeks.  It’s been fun to nest in this way for the season… Not feeling like I need to add eggs to every corner of our house or bunny banners.  I’ve just been decluttering, organizing, puttering…simplifying.


This guy has my heart.  I love to see him find and enjoy all of the cozy spots around our little house.


Sniffing the camera.  🙂


Just a little update…  Wishing you a Happy Easter!

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