Cozying Up For Fall…With Tea

Hey friends, happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a great weekend.

Cozying Up For Fall...With Tea {Details Blog}

I’m in Fall nesting mode completely now — always kind of puttering around the house and adding things here, taking away things there, etc.  It’s my favorite thing.  🙂  I had some different types of tea that were in baggies and I thought I would “make pretty.”

Cozying Up For Fall...With Tea {Details Blog}

I love to get my teas from local places.  One of these is from the Queen Creek Olive Mill and a couple of the others are from my visits to Highland Yard Vintage.  There is an awesome couple who creates their own brews and sells them at the market and they are so so good.  I wish I could remember their name… I will get it for next time.

Cozying Up For Fall...With Tea {Details Blog}

This is just a scrolly mirror that I use for decor around the house.  I used mason jars for the tea and snipped the ‘to, from’ off of some gift tags to label and tape to the jar lids.  In the center I have my handy tea bag squeezer to strain the bags and looseleaf tea bags that I found at Sprouts.

Cozying Up For Fall...With Tea {Details Blog}

You’ve seen my espresso pod holder, which is really a ‘small bites’ caddy from Pottery Barn, and my li’l Duralex cups that I use for my espresso are underneath — still within easy reach.  But I’m trying to drink less coffee!  (I say that as I am on my third cup…)  But really.  Trying is the operative word here.  So I thought a pretty tea station would do the trick.  😉  I’ll keep you posted!

Have a great day, friends!

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