Halloween Floral Table Setting

Happy Friday!  I hope you’ve had a great week.  It’s been a super busy one for me and I am looking forward to the weekend.  I bet you are, too.  🙂

Halloween Floral Table Setting {Details Blog}

So let’s talk about this table setting…  The ceramic pumpkin has been sitting in the middle of our kitchen table, on top of that tray, with moss and creepy crawlies for the better part of two months.  Inside there is more moss, and three flameless candles that are really cool — they work off of a remote and you can change the color about twelve different ways.  A HomeGoods score, of course.

Halloween Floral Table Setting {Details Blog}

But this table really came together all because of some sad, dying flowers.  Yep.  I purchased some blooms from Sprouts during a grocery shopping trip a couple of weeks ago, and last weekend they were looking mighty d.e.a.d.  But I was actually super excited about their crispiness because I knew they would be the perfect addition to a table setting!  See the way my brain works?

Halloween Floral Table Setting {Details Blog}

So I totally celebrated their death and they were repurposed.  I used my vintage striped blue linens because I do think they look just as good during Fall as they do during Summer with seashells.  They’re transitional napkins…  Fancy.

Halloween Floral Table Setting {Details Blog}

The sunflower just got tucked in between the two plates.  I really like that everything on the table looks pretty dried out… it adds to the spookiness.  🙂

Halloween Floral Table Setting {Details Blog}

This was my Sunday puttering last weekend.  I love shopping my house for things — apparently even dead flowers, lol!  This little space is still making me happy.

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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