Easter Fireplace Decor

Hey there.  🙂  I scored big at the Target dollar section with a couple of cute banners for the fireplace.  There were only two left!  It’s like they were waiting for me.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 4.58.18 PM

 The tails on the bunnies are little pom-poms.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 4.58.57 PM

No tape or any securing agent required — I just tucked the ends of the banner underneath the items already decorating the mantel.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 4.59.29 PM

Isn’t this bunny so cute?  I love her dress.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.00.03 PM

Her basket is empty, but I filled it up with some paper present filler and just put the moss on top — I didn’t want to fill the whole basket with a Spring decorating hot commodity.  The little eggs are speckled and pastel and I love them.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.00.35 PM

 I’ve mentioned before that this is my favorite room in the whole house.  It’s just cozy!  I start every morning in here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.01.09 PM

 On another note, these flowers are loving this spot and the couple of ice cubes I throw in there every day!  They’re makin’ me happy.

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