Drapery Update & Spring House Tour

Happy Monday to you!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  🙂

Last week, Grey and I went to Ikea, which is what prompted this post.  After moving in back in November and then getting settled, the house projects kind of came to a lull, and we were craving the feeling of getting things done around here again.  We decided we’re going to start tackling some things when the budget allows, and we made a list (my favorite thing).  Something that was high on my priority list was getting window treatments for the living room.  I had been fine with the room but the harsh lines of the windows really started bothering me.  We also have a sliding glass door off the kitchen where we had hung drapes back when we moved in, but the rod was bowing in the center because it is such a long window and we didn’t grab a bracket when we were at Ikea.  They were still functional, but I really didn’t like the way they looked — and like pretty much everyone in America, Ikea is not exactly close to our house, so taking a trip there is a little bit more involved than running to Target.

So we headed out to Ikea, snacks in tow, and Greyson navigated the crowds while I followed him with a deer in the headlights expression that I wear only when I am visually overwhelmed and frantically searching for the nearest exit.  We grabbed the drapes and rods, ended up picking up a Tobias chair on a whim, and a $2 hotdog special because we’re fancy like that.

Kitchen Drapes Just Hung

With the center bracket in place, we were back in business.  We added another panel on each side of the window for fullness — I wanted these to look really luxurious!  I’m still undecided on whether or not to hem these.  Part of me likes the casual puddles, and another part of me wants them more tailored.  And another part of me is just lazy, lol.

Naked Window

Naked Window 2

These were our naked windows.  See how that wall just needed something?  Not art, but something.  Our windows have nice wood blinds on them so we’re fortunate in that regard, but I am thinking that at some point I would like to add molding around all of the windows in our house.

Spring Kitchen

I stopped into Trader Joe’s for some flowers (and trail mix – because they have the BEST trail mix evah!) and these tulips were calling my name.  They’re pink perfection!

Living Room Drapes 1

Here are the drapes!  And the Tobias chair which is surprisingly comfortable and kind of bouncy, too.  This room is on the small side so while I originally thought that I was going to go with an Eames-style rocking chair in this space, I am thinking I will save that for the office.  The negative space in this room serves it really well.

Living Room Drapes 2

Because the windows were each very close to the sides of their respective walls, I didn’t want to make the window look smaller by flanking each window with panels.  Instead, we opted for side panels but have the rod hanging across the entire window so that we can pull them shut if we want to.  Again, each window has two drapery panels for fullness.  One per side looked too whimpy so I sent my husband on another voyage to Ikea the following day  to pick up a couple more.  Isn’t he the sweetest?

Bunny Banner Vignette

Banner Close Up

I’ve got a Pinterest board full of Spring ideas but I’m opting for simple this year with fresh flowers, greenery, and cleanliness!  This is the most festive thing I’ve put up and I got it in the Target Dollar Spot last year.  It lived on my in-laws’ mantel last Easter.

Sofa With Table

We got this black and white striped blanket at Ikea, too, and I’m loving the contrast with the rest of the room.  Which got me thinking…should I add some sort of contrasting banding to the drapes?  Should I paint my interior doors black?  This blanket has me all kinds of befuddled now!

Sofa Vignette

Pillows Close Up

I’m just a tiny bit craving new accent pillows (really the floral ones are the ones I’m thinking I want to update).  Shhh…don’t tell my husband!  Those pillows have moved around a lot in this house already — they used to live on our bed.

Coffee Table

That’s a fake HomeGoods plant and I’m really loving having festive cocktail napkins around lately.  It’s the little things…

Spring Pillow

Happy Spring to you!  Thanks for indulging me in such a photo-heavy post!  🙂

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