Bedroom Update: Side Tables & Bedding

Last week was exciting on the delivery front.  Our crazy new rug came and then came the side tables for our bedroom!

Boxed Side Tables

We obviously quickly unwrapped them and then set them up in the bedroom.

Just Unwrapped Side Tables

They’re really pretty and perfect for the space.  I didn’t realize until these were in the room how much the sides of the bed definitely need that negative space.  So far they are a little bit difficult to keep perfectly clean (Shiba Inu during shedding season + Arizona DUST!) but I’m not worried about it.  I dusted them on Saturday and gave them a wipe-down.  Nothing in our house is super fussy so I’ll just clean these as-needed/once a week.

Our bed isn’t due to arrive until this week (hopefully!) but we decided to run over to HomeGoods to see if there were any pillows that we liked.  I wrote about our initial design plan for the bedroom last week, but the pillows we picked out are not nearly what I had written about in the post.  My sweet husband said he was a little bit confused by the post, because he didn’t think I liked pastels!  😉 I do, but we decided to go a different route with the fabrics.


We bought a white duvet cover that is really light and soft — we have been loving sleeping underneath it.  I’m really excited to see these pillows with the headboard behind them.

Pillow Close Up


We found these lamps while selecting the bedding and they are the perfect size — and heavy, too!  I like that they sort of mimic the gold dots on the pillows.  At the top of each there is a round crystal finial.

Side Tables

These definitely still have yet to be styled, and that will be a really fun adventure.


We’ve got a long way to go, but we are loving how this room is shaping up!  🙂

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